Teeners victimized by errors

Teeners victimized by errors The Vermillion Teeners baseball team lost a sorrow-felt double header to the Wagner Teeners at Prentis Park on Saturday, July 28.

Two excellent pitching performances by Vermillion were wasted by some sloppy play in the field in both games.

Adam Brunick started for the home team and went the distance, giving up seven runs on six hits, walking three and striking out 11. Only two of the runs were earned as four untimely errors brought in some uncontested runs.

Vermillion scored four straight runs on two walks and three hits in the third inning, and an unearned run in the final inning on an error, passed ball, and two wild pitches. It was not enough to overcome the Wagner scoring.

Brunick went one for three, scoring one and driving in one. Brad Schaack was on base three times, scoring once. Andrew Ofstehage was one for three, scoring one and had one RBI. Ryan Mockler went one for two, scoring one with one RBI. Jared Burcham scored the other run.

Final: Wagner � 7 runs, 6 hits, 4 errors, 5 LOB; Vermillion � 5 runs, 4 hits, 4 errors, 6 LOB.

Schaack pitched the second game and did a good job of holding the opponents at bay, allowing only five runs through four innings as his teammates scored three runs in the fifth to go along with three runs scored earlier. That gave Vermillion a 6-5 lead going into the last half of the last inning.

Then the "roof fell in" and those old bugaboo errors entered the fray.

Wagner's lead-off batter made first base on a fielding error, stole second and advanced to third when another fielding error was committed.

After a fly out, a walk ensued and on the first pitch to the fourth batter in the inning a low pitch got by the catcher who lost the ball as it ended up near the bleachers. The runner on third scored to tie the game, but the runner who started from first base also was running and attempted to score as he slid under the tag for the winning run. It was a heart-breaking loss again for the Vermillion team.

Burcham was on base three times on walks, and scored two runs. Ofstehage went one for two, scored one and drove in one. Jeremy Yankton scored once and had one RBI on one for three batting. Michael Fox was one for one, scoring one, and Schaack scored the other run.

Final: Wagner � 7 runs, 5 hits, 2 errors, 2 LOB; Vermillion � 6 runs, 4 hits, 6 errors, 3 LOB

On Monday, July 30, the Vermillion Teeners were defeated by the Yankton Black Sox Teeners 15-0 in the first of a two out of three regional tourney for qualification for the state Teener tournament.

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