USD eyes late September completion for Dome roof

USD eyes late September completion for Dome roof The large cranes working on the DakotaDome roof at The University of South Dakota will be packing up and going home in the next couple of weeks as replacement work on the facility's roof nears its completion Sept. 25.

Ken Schmidt, USD director of planning and construction, said in the next week the focus of the work on the roof will change.

"Contractors anticipate one of the main cranes will be taken down and disassembled late next week," Schmidt said. "The other large one will remain for about two more weeks. After the second large crane is taken down, a small crane will remain to ensure roofing materials can reach any location."

Crews have started to put the metal cover on the roof beams that are set in place. The first sections of the final white cover were put on the east side of the roof on Friday, Aug. 17.

Schmidt said the work on the facility will continue for the next year, despite the reopening of the DakotaDome.

"We will begin moving back into the Dome on September 25. The entire project won't be completed for almost a year because of finishing roof work, landscaping outside the Dome and the acoustic treatment inside next summer," Schmidt said. "Dome offices will move back in and the facility will be open for use once again."

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