Wakonda School Board OKs plans, sets bid opening

Wakonda School Board OKs plans, sets bid opening by M. Jill Karolevitz The Wakonda School Board met in special session Monday morning and approved plans by architect Glenn Mannes for construction on the new elementary school addition.

The board also authorized the architect to advertise for bids, which will be opened Sept. 19 at 2 p.m. Once bids are accepted, construction can begin.

The school board looked over the plans with Mannes and his assistant Jim Schramm. They include an 11,500 square-foot addition which will house classrooms for kindergarten, first, second, third and fourth grades, along with a special ed room, a Chapter I room, a new library, a mechanical room, principal and staff room and a computer hub.

Work will also be done in the old school which includes making the third grade room into a computer lab, using the existing first grade and kindergarten rooms for part of the new library, and expanding the weight room.

Several renovation plans for the existing building will also be included in the project, such as new fire safe doors, raised guardrails on the second floor landings of the stairwells, steam controls and new baseboard radiators.

Mannes paged through the project's architectural drawings with the board. The drawings include site plans, a survey for contractors, and foundation, roof framing, mechanical, electrical and floor plans for both buildings. Other details include sewer, cabinetry, lighting, rest rooms, ceilings and floor coverings.

The new classrooms will be about 28' x 28', Mannes said, and it is possible to add on in the future if necessary. Carpeting will cover the classroom floors, with tile in the halls.

The project's completion date, according to the advertisement for bids, is Aug. 15, 2002.

"Our intent is to send out plans this week to contractors," Mannes said. "When bids come in low, then it's a relatively easy process (to choose the contractor) after that. But the board will have to act pretty quickly to accept a bid after receiving them, so you could treat that day as a board meeting."

The possibility to hold a formal board meeting in conjunction with the bid opening is being considered.

"If you need more time to study the bids, you can have another meeting," said Superintendent Ron Flynn.

Mannes also noted his concern for the project's cost, as time elapses and changes are made.

"We're constantly reassessing cost estimates," he said. "We're trying to be careful so that there are alternate bids for items that you may not want right away."

He added that changes have also increased his own price tag.

"When we made changes we had a lot of redrawing to do," Mannes said. "We had gotten quite a ways down the road."

Mannes will have to add nearly $7,000 to his next bill, "which is a pretty substantial chunk of change," he said.

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