Branches Friendship Program is seeking local host families

Branches Friendship Program is seeking local host families Branches Friendship Program, the community international friendship program of The University of South Dakota, will begin its second year on Saturday, Sept. 29 with a trip to Garritys' Prairie Gardens at Mission Hill.

The organization helps international students learn about the American way of living while sharing their respective cultures with their American friends.

If you have ever found yourself far away from home, you will understand how important this program is to our students from around the world. Making friends with a foreigner is the most practical way to learn a foreign cuisine, language and way of life, not to mention the glory that comes with having a new friend.

The International Student Office at the university is seeking families to participate in this program. There are no financial obligations, only a little time to spend with your friend every now and then. You are also not required to provide housing but you may invite the student to spend the weekend if you wish.

To sign up to join the organization or join in the outing, contact Nicole Hanson at 677-6305 for more information.

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