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The Clay County Democrat meeting was held at The Pro's Wednesday noon, Sept. 12.

A report on the quarterly meeting at Rapid City was given by Berwyn Svoboda. A large attendance was enjoyed.

Dick Casey, running for the U.S. Congress, was the guest speaker. He gave a good background of his life's work to qualify him for the position.

The Oct. 10 speaker will be Kate Looby, a Sioux Falls resident and business person. We had 33 present and are pushing for 50.

On Sept. 28-29 we are hosting a rummage sale at Allen and Maxine Johnson's, North on University to 2111. There will be a watermelon feed on Sept. 29 beginning at 10 a.m. � we need your spare rummage and come and help out and buy.

Vermillion Rotary Club

President Missy Mayfield called us to order for our weekly lunch at Silver Dollar. Guests today included Caio Vayega, Vermillion's Rotary exchange student this year, Jack Marsh, and our old friend and former chapter member, Assad Barari.

Our program today was presented by Merle Eintracht, the director of the recently relocated Mathilda Geppert Childcare Center. Eintracht has been a teacher all over the world for nearly all of her adult life. Following her formal education in South Africa she started out teaching math to 12th-graders but soon decided that the education of younger people would be her work for the future. And she has pursued that work with great engagement in various parts of the world � first in South Africa, then for a time at a kibbutz in Israel, later in Los Angeles, and more recently here in Vermillion. She was a spell-binding speaker for us adults and must be a great gift for the children of our community.

Alpha Lambda of Epsilon Sigma Alpha

The Alpha Lambda chapter of ESA met at the home of President Thelma Raines Sept. 6 for its monthly meeting.

The theme for the evening was "School Days." Members brought sack lunches depicting food that they may have taken for their school lunch.

Raines was in charge of the educational program and in keeping with the educational program "What's Cooking?" she read from a book about early country schools and what children brought to school for lunch in the early days before the hot lunch program. Members shared the names of their favorite teacher and brought mementoes relating to their school days.

The president called the meeting to order with 10 members in attendance. Get well cards have been sent to Merle Offerdahl and Helen Burton.

Peggy Mollet, membership chair, encouraged members to offer names for membership in Alpha Lambda. The Philanthropic Committee reported that school supplies had been delivered to Jolley School.

Luann Ouellette reported on the international convention she attended in Albuquerque, NM. The president reported on the board meeting attended at Julie Heine's in August. Members will meet at Chae's for dinner at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 4, and after dinner will attend the theatre for the play Diary of Anne Frank.

The Fall Council meeting will be held in Mitchell on Oct. 7 at the First Dakota National Bank.

The MARC meeting will be held in St. Louis, MO, Oct. 12-14. The meeting was adjourned with members reciting the closing ritual.

Senior Citizens Center

The day after the planes smashed into the World Trade buildings, 31 people came to the Senior Citizens Center Wednesday, Sept. 12, to change their focus to card playing from the horror of the damage in loss of lives and damage of property.

Eight played pitch, four pinochle and 19 bridge. Bridge prizes went to Marlys Miller, first; Ernie Miller, second; Shirley Riehle, third; Marilyn Siecke, blind bogie, and Norma Melstad, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Norma and Howard Melstad, and Marlys and Ernie Miller.

Jolly Juniorettes 4-H Club

The Jolly Juniorettes 4-H Club met Sept. 11 at the 4-H Center kitchen. The flag pledge was led by Olivia VanDenHul. Theresa Dendinger led the 4-H pledge. Roll call topic was your favorite class in school.

The county fair was discussed during old business. There were no complaints from club members or parents. Everyone seemed to like the fair activities.

New business discussions included 4-H record books, which are due to Cyndi by Oct. 1. The club members voted to give $25 to the South Dakota 4-H Foundation and $25 to the American Red Cross. Tia Krier will be in charge of the Community Service scrapbook.

Michael Dendinger did a demonstration on "Candle Creations." Tia Krier presented a judging school on floral centerpieces.

Theresa, Michael and Cyndi Dendinger served lunch.

Our next meeting will be Oct. 9 at the 4-H Center. Theresa Dendinger will give a demonstration and Michael Dendinger will present a judging school.

Coyote Cubs

The Coyote Cubs 4-H Club met Sunday, Sept. 16 a the 4-H Center.

President Shelli Knutson called the meeting to order. Casey Carlson led the flag pledges. The roll call topic was "Your favorite game." The secretary and treasurer's reports were read and approved.

We discussed the club's goals for the next club year. A motion was passed to donate birthday gift bags to the food pantry. Each member will bring items to be included in the gift bags, the bags will be assembled at our October meeting.

The election of officers was held; they are President Shelli Knutson, Vice President Casey Carlson, Secretary Laura Aga, Treasurer Kyle Hubert, Reporter Tony Hubert and Community Service Coordinator Amanda Aga.

Laura Aga did an illustrated talk on "Grooming your Calf" and "When is a Cow More Than a Cow?" Amanda Aga did an illustrated talk on "Smooth Sanding" and "Super Safety" for her wood science project.

Hosts were Kyle and Tony Hubert.

Our next meeting will be Sunday, Oct. 21, at the 4-H Center.

Tony Hubert,


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