Keeping hope alive; USD student’s brother is missing after attack

Keeping hope alive; USD student's brother is missing after attack University of South Dakota Coyote football fans paused during halftime of Saturday's game at Howard Wood Field to honor people who lost their lives to terrorism Sept. 11 on the East Coast. The crowd sang God Bless America and God Bless the U.S.A. (AP) � Among the passengers headed out of Sioux Falls on Sept. 14 was a University of South Dakota student hoping her brother is still alive after terrorists attacked New York City.

Denyse Ketcham was headed to Orlando, FL, via United Express Flight 1036 to Chicago, to be with her family.

Ketcham's family was waiting to hear word of her brother, Douglas Ketcham, a New York stockbroker who was on the 102nd floor of the North Tower when it was hit by a hijacked airliner.

"My brother is missing at the World Trade Center. I'm going to be with my family while we wait to hear from him," she said while waiting for her flight. "He called my parents after it happened and said he was getting out. Nobody's heard from him since."


a fourth-year Spanish major at USD, asked people to pray for her brother and other missing people.

"I believe prayer really helps," she says. "If a lot of people pray, I know he'll be OK."

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