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Letters to the Editor Johnson offers help to community

To the editor:

Due to the recent announcement made by Gateway regarding the closure of its call center in Vermillion, I would like to offer any help that I or my office can provide to those in the Vermillion community who will be affected by these layoffs. I directed my staff assistant, Sonja Dean, to spend a day in Vermillion immediately after the announcement and meet with various community leaders as well as any individuals who had questions or concerns.

I want to thank the people of Vermillion who met with Sonja. She has updated me on the information she gathered from these meetings.

Sonja had the opportunity to meet with Mayor Kozak, as well as representatives from the USD Career Center, One Stop Career Center, and South East Job Link to gather information on what options are available to the affected workers that will be without jobs after the October 28 closing. I would like to thank both the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce an the Vermillion City Hall for hosting these meetings.

Vermillion is a strong and stable community, and I have no doubt this vibrant community will rebound quickly, Vermillion is my home and will always hold a special place in my heart so it is especially hard to watch my neighbors and friends go through these trying times. I am confident that brighter days are ahead and that through the wonderful leadership displayed in Vermillion, this too will pass.

Again, I thank everyone who shared their concerns during these meetings. As always, feel free to contact my office toll free at 1-800-537-0025.


Tim Johnson

United States Senate

Students seek info on WWII casualties

To the editor:

Eighth-graders and sophomores of the Elk Point-Jefferson School are requesting your help in locating next-of-kin for South Dakotans who perished in World War II.

The Spearfish Middle School began this project three years ago to locate information on the estimated 1,595 South Dakota casualties. In turn they are writing biographies on these individuals to commemorate them. The book, Fallen Sons of South Dakota in WWII, already contains 250 biographies and should be available soon on a state web site, www.sdwwiimemorial.com which is currently under construction. Spearfish Middle School plans to add all subsequent biographies to both the book and the state web site.

In Union County, we are actively seeking information regarding Stephen S. Adams, Jr., Leo Alfred Callahan, Wayne C. Collins, Glen S. DeBoise, Gerald J. Flynn, Elmer H. Girard, Kenneth V. Halverson, Billie John Harter, Merlin F. Henke, Edward G. Hodgson, Lyle I. Jacobsen, Raymond E. Johnson, Wesley O. Johnson, Lawrence C. Kayl, Floyd V. Penn, Darrel E. Solomon, Elwood I. Stene, Owen L. Stene, Robert C. Stowe, Irving J. Tanck, and Norman L. Wert.

In Clay County, we are actively seeking information regarding Tommy G. Hendricks, Roger E. Jensen, Wallace O. Johnson, Foster R. Kilbourn, Lowell H. Knutson, Phil Meisenholder, Phillip L. Miner, John C. Murphy, Raynold J. Peterson, John D. Quigley, Howard W. Rasmussen, Lloyd M. Thompson, Gerald E. Warner, Sigurd M. Westin, Dwyce D. Wince, and Glenn W. Wohler.

In Yankton County, we are actively seeking information regarding Leland W. Nielsen, Niels P. Nielsen, Clinton W. Olson, Randolph E. Oswald, Leroy R. Schlaefli, Robert C. Sherk, Leonard Q. Smith, Leo L. Snapp, Gerhardt Steinbach, Lester L. Stone, Lloyd L. Thompson, Ned R. Van Osdel, Robert F. Wallbaum, Earl H. Wanke, Alphonsus J. Weibel, Thomas K. West, Lloyd W. Wibben and William Woodward, Jr.

Please contact Deb Limoges at 605-356-5916 or Deb.Limoges@k12.sd.us or Patty Skinner at 605-356-5861 or Patty.Skinner@k12.sd.us if you have any pertinent information. You may also contact us by writing to Box 578, Elk Point, SD 57025.

To reveal, preserve, and protect the memories of South Dakotans in WWII is our challenge and creating a lasting legacy for South Dakota is our goal.


Deb Limoges and Patty Skinner

Elk Point-Jefferson School

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