School comments

School comments by Doug Tuetken NEW STAFF: As we begin the 2001-2002 school year we welcome several new staff members to Vermillion High School. These staff members are: Mary Begley, language arts; Damien Donohoe, science department; Mark Nietzke, lifeskills tutor; and Becky Berry; lifeskills instructor. FALL ENROLLMENT: As of Sept. … Read Article

For the Record

For the Record Mary Dell Cody, Presiding: Aug. 24 � Aug. 30, 2001. Brian Fox, 715 Capitol, Yankton: Driving under influence � 1st offense, Dismissal � recharged; Give person alcohol ages 18-21 or with parent, Dismissed � motion by prosecutor; Driving under influence � 1st offense, Suspended imposition of sentence, … Read Article