S.F. O’Gorman tops Tanager girls’ tennis

S.F. O'Gorman tops Tanager girls' tennis by Jim Prosser It's difficult to play tennis when you're facing one of the top South Dakota high school girls' team, Sioux Falls O'Gorman.

"It is always a good experience playing such a good team," said coach Barb Rickord. "I was very proud of how all the girls played. They stayed with the points � a lot of very good tennis points � and the scores don't always reflect this.

"Maya Ristic played Liz Donahue, South Dakota's top player, in a good singles match at #1 singles," she continued. "It was excellent tennis and Maya was pleased with her play against Liz, who is so consistent and good at finishing off the important points. It was a fun match to watch."

The dual was played at Sioux Falls McKennan Park on Thursday, Sept. 20 with the following results:

Singles: Maya Ristic (V) lost to Liz Donohue (OG) 10-0; Catherine Odson (V) lost to Emily Gaster (OG) 10-2; Brittany Gaster (OG) def. Tori Collins 10-1; Amy Meier (OG) def. Jessica Leffers 10-1; Katherine Ludens (OG) def. Elizabeth Slagle 10-0; and Sarah Lamberty (OG) def. Michelle Rydell 10-3.

Doubles: Donohue/Ludens (OG) def. Ristic/Odson 10-0; Gaster/Gaster (OG) def. Collins/Slagle 10-1; Lewis/Wenger (OG) def. Leffers/Rydell 10-3.

JV players Jenna Williams (V) lost to Katie Reardon, and Varsha Ramakrishnan (V) lost to Annie Nesbitt in singles; Deanna Russell (V) lost to Jessica Lewis and Britt Fremstad (V) lost to Maggie Wenger, but in doubles Russell/Fremstad (V) def. Reardon/Nicki Keirnes 8-4 to salvage the only match won by the visitors.

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