Tanager golf team competes well Sept. 7

Tanager golf team competes well Sept. 7 by Jim Prosser The Yankton Invitational Tournament was held Friday, Sept. 7 with 20 teams entered and 100 individuals participating.

"Considering the competitive field of mostly AA high school teams, the Tanagers placed a respectable 12th with a 333 score," said coach Kirk Hogen. "The fact is � Vermillion had the lowest score for over all the other class A schools entered."

Led by Rob Schaack's 77, the Tanagers showed remarkable consistency.

Rob Schaack's 39-38=77, Nathan Boots' 42-42=84, Chris Moen's 42-42=84, Darren Martin's 43-45=88 and Brad Schaack's 46-47=93 shows that consistency.

"Rob demonstrated his leadership as his #1 player role on the team," Hogen said. "Nathan had a good showing, and noteworthy performances came from Chris and Darren as they showed nice improvement in their games under the stress of outstanding competition. Every member still has the potential for improvement, but they've progressed nicely to this point."

Rob Schaack's score placed him 11th in the field.

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