Wakonda School Board accepts bid from Welfl

Wakonda School Board accepts bid from Welfl by M. Jill Karolevitz Wakonda School Board has accepted a bid from Welfl Construction of Yankton for the elementary school construction project.

The bid of $1,255,000 was the lowest received from the five companies that submitted figures for consideration.

Bids were opened and read Sept. 19.

Other companies and their figures were: Jans Corporation, Sioux Falls, $1,272,000; Latendresse Construction, Beresford, $1,274,216; Sunkota Construction, Sioux Falls, $1,265,000; and Tellinghuisen Construction, Willow Lake, $1,275,000.

"It was amazing how close they all were," said Superintendent Ron Flynn. "The difference between the highest and lowest was only $20,000 which is not much in a project of over a million. It looked like they all had done their homework."

The Wakonda School Board voted May 14 to issue 20-year capital outlay certificates for the construction of a new elementary school adjacent to the existing building. The board met in special session Aug. 27 and approved plans by architect Glenn Mannes.

Plans include an 11,500 square-foot addition which will house classrooms for kindergarten, first, second, third and fourth grades, along with a special ed room, a Chapter I room, a new library, a mechanical room, principal and staff room and a computer hub.

Work will also be done in the old school which includes making the third grade room into a computer lab, using the existing first grade and kindergarten rooms for part of the new library, and expand the weight room.

Several renovation plans for the existing building will also be included in the project, such as new fire safe doors, raised guardrails on the second floor landings of the stairwells, steam controls and new baseboard radiators.

"We're pretty happy with the way the bids came in," Flynn said. "We think we can get done what we were hoping to get done and we look forward to the construction starting. I'm not sure when that will be, but they do have a deadline date of August 15 of 2002, so they can start when they want as long as they get it finished on time."

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