Denim raises Dollar$ for Scholar$

Denim raises Dollar$ for Scholar$ If you visit any of the schools in the Vermillion School District on the first or third Fridays of the month you will notice a great deal of denim in the classrooms and hallways ? not just on students, but on staff members as well. The reason for this slightly more casual attire is the Dollar$ for Scholar$ program.

Dollar$ for Scholar$ is a unique incentive program for Vermillion School District staff to contribute to the funding of the post-secondary education for two or more graduating seniors. Each faculty member who wishes to participate pays $15/semester (or $20/year) for the privilege of wearing jeans on the first and third Fridays of the month. The money collected is used to fund a Dollar$ for Scholar$ award to one senior boy and one senior girl at the end of the school year.

To be eligible to receive the Dollar$ for Scholar$ award, students must qualify to be an Honors Program graduate, and have participated in a minimum of two school extra/co-curricular activities. The students must also have a minimum of one community service activity and return a completed Dollar$ for Scholar$ application by May 1. Out of this pool of applicants, one male and one female name is drawn (exactly 1/2 of the monies collected will be given to each student).

The program bylaws state that awards cannot exceed $500 per student. If award amounts would exceed that threshold, additional awards may be given to one additional qualifying male and female student again chosen by lottery from eligible applicants. All awards will be of equal amounts.

In its first year, the Dollar$ for Scholar$ program awarded two $185 awards. Last year, the program received such positive support from staff that the district was able to give four $500 awards.

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