Letters Bigger isn't always better in schools

To the editor:

I came to work this morning and during my break, read with interest the article on the front page of the Plain Talk (I subscribe to the Wakonda Times) the article about the hiring of kindergarten aides.

I had to laugh when I read it. How ironic that the Wakonda School Board is in hot water with a few of the district's patrons because they are trying to build a small elementary addition for class sizes that are "too small" and the Vermillion School Board has parents upset with them because their kindergarten classes are "too large."

Wakonda has 14 students in kindergarten this year and Vermillion has five classes of 21 students each and the parents are upset because their children aren't getting enough personal attention. They can't get enough personal attention when there are that many children in a classroom. As stated in the article, the teacher/student ratio should be two teachers to 20 students for the students to get the personal attention they need at that age.

All I have to say to those few Wakonda patrons who think we need to have 25-35 kids in a classroom is this: we have the ideal class size and are very fortunate. Bigger isn't always better!

Thanks for listening.

Donna Henriksen


Country shouldn't compete in terrorism

To the editor:

This America is made up of many nationalities. It worries me when we start wanting people to carry identification cards for certain nationalities or religions. As far as I am concerned the CIA, the FBI and the Bureau of Immigration all have to take some responsibilities for what has happened. They all had prior knowledge of some of the terrorists that were in this great nation. We need to ask these groups of people why did they not detain or stop these people from coming into our country in the first place?

Why are we blaming all Moslem or Moslem looking people for this tragedy? Especially when we have some "good old Americans" that are terrorists also. Remember Oklahoma, Waco, North Dakota, Ruby Ridge, and many more such actions? I didn't see anyone want Americans to carry ID cards.

I think we need to step back and take a look at our rationale. Moslem is a faith not a terrorist group.

Maybe we need to wonder why we are so hated � even with all the humanitarian good will we do. We need to wonder why we help these countries financially and we don't hear back from them on any of the outstanding loans we have given them.

I feel we need to remember the Taliban is not a country or religion, but a group of people that can not stand anything but fighting. We need to remember that when and if we go to bombing these countries we are not only bombing them, but people they are using for human shields

I am for doing what ever needs to be done, but I don't want my country to compete in terrorism.

I am sure I will get some comments but we need to remember we are Americans first � SEND ME YOUR POOR, YOUR WEAK, YOUR TROUBLED MASSES YEARNING TO BREATH FREE.


Roxan Brown

Our country needs us all

To the editor:

How's it going? I hope everyone is okay and keeping their chin up after the recent terror and violence that has come to our land at the hands of a band of wicked and misguided individuals. I was pretty concerned about things for awhile, but after listening to the president's address last night (Sept. 20) I'm confident that right will win out in the end. If we all just keep the faith and support our leaders and our fighting men and women they will drive out these murderous cowards from whatever rock they are hiding under.

It's been good to see the flags and patriotic symbols on display in our cities, towns and country sides throughout the land. I'm encouraged by the many e-mailings and patriotic forwards that I've received from my friends. The last day or so I've been receiving some good, humorous ones. Nice to laugh once again, if only for a moment or two.

Our fight is about ready to get started. The president said that we should all go to work, and work hard. We need to do just that, remembering that now, more than ever, our country needs us all to contribute whatever we can.

We're all a little shook up right now. But, we're living in the greatest nation on earth, blessed by almighty God. Our people, for the most part, have strong hearts and good souls. Seems to me, that is a unbeatable combination.

God bless America

Wayne Olson


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