Mitchell overcomes Tanager tennis team

Mitchell overcomes Tanager tennis team by Jim Prosser The Mitchell Kernels girls' tennis team hosted a match with the Tanagers on Monday, Sept. 24 in a spirited competition.

"Our singles matches didn't go quite as well as I had expected," said Vermillion High School coach Barb Rickord. "Hopefully, the girls will bounce back and play their best against Sioux Falls Washington on Thursday and Sioux Falls Lincoln on Friday. Maya Ristic and Catherine Odson had a very good match at #1 doubles."

Varsity match results: Mitchell 8, Vermillion 1

Singles: Maya Ristic (V) def. Aubre Clemens (M) 10-7; Linda Deslauriers (M) def. Catherine Odson (V) 10-1; Mallory Meyers (M) def. Tori Collins 10-0; Nina Vyas (M) def. Jessica Leffers 10 – 1; Melanie Lorenzen (M) def. Elizabeth Slagle 10-0; and Sara Haiar (M) def. Michelle Rydell 10-5.

Doubles: Clemens/Deslauriers) def. Ristic/Odson 10-7; Meyers/Haiar (M) def. Collins/Slagle 10-2; Vyas/Lorenzen (M) def. Leffers/Rydell 10-4.

Mitchell JV won 6-1.

"We were able to play a lot of JV matches and I'm always glad to get as many girls playing in competitive matches as possible," said coach Rickord. "Deanna Russell had a solid win at #1 JV singles."

Deanna Russell (V) def. Lora Healy 8-5; Britt Fremstad lost to Carmen Hettinger (M) 8-2; Anne Aslesen (M) def. Jenna Williams 8-2; Ann Konechne (M) def. Sarah Roetman 8-3; Jenna Butterfield (M) def. Lisa Doohen 8-3; Meghan McNary (M) def. Varsha Ramakrishnan 8-2; Lisa Tronnes (M) def. Taiana Hayes 8-3 and Ashley Brendan (M) def. Jenny Bremer. In doubles Jena Wenande/Selena Anderson (M) def. Russell/Fremstad 8-4. There were also three exhibition matches in the JV section.

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