Vermillion students excel at regional tae kwon do tourney

Vermillion students excel at regional tae kwon do tourney Students from Vermillion tae kwon do joined 750 other competitors who participated in the Super Regional Sioux Falls American Tae kwon do Association tournament hosted by Master Larry Hoover.

This event was a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and meet others from all over the region who share their love for the martial art of Songahm Tae kwon do.

Competitors, ages 4 through 6, participated as an introduction to tournament competition. There was no formal scoring for this age group; instead the judges gave them positive feedback. These young students were also congratulated for excellence in blocks, kicks and punches during their sparring competition. Each "Tiny Tiger" received a trophy for their efforts.

Competitors 7 years of age and over were judged in two sections � forms and sparring. Throughout the form competition, judges look for speed, power and accuracy of technique, as well as poise, attitude and appearance. In sparring, points are scored by placing hand or foot techniques on or near the legal targets, with varying criteria depending on the rank and division of the competitors.

Members of Vermillion's Black Belt Academy who received trophies during competition included: Kimberly Baker � third sparring; Nick Britten � second sparring; Lindsay Covill � first form, third sparring; Shelby Covill � first form, third sparring; Preston Ellenbolt � third sparring; Paul Granaas � third form, Amanda Granaas � second sparring; Rick Meins � third sparring; Christian O'Neill � second sparring; Lynn Riley � second form, third sparring; Heidi Soukup ��third form, third sparring; Jon Trefz � third sparring; Jessa Waters � first form, first sparring.

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