Letters Vermillion shows spirit of concern

To the business community of Vermillion:

The following remarks apply equally to all business organizations in Vermillion, large or small, independent or associated, store or shop, professional or commercial.

It has been my privilege to be a contact representative of Vermillion Rotary for our annual fund raising and raffle. All the proceeds from this event are used to provide bicycle helmets for every second-grade student in school, public and parochial, and for other measures taken to aid members of the community who require special assistance.

Each Rotary member contributes personally, but this does not meet the funds needed to contribute to the safety of our youngsters, and the well-being of unfortunate citizens.

I am proud to report that around 98 percent of the professional and commercial enterprises of Vermillion responded to my visits with them in a most agreeable way.

Though my wife, Betty, and I were born and raised "big city" children, it has been our good fortune to have lived in Vermillion the past 35 years. We have traveled in many countries, and throughout the U.S. have we nowhere found a place that comes close to Vermillion as a home. My thanks to this wonderful community for its spirit of concern for others, and for the good life that is to be found here.


Don McCullough

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