Letters Students seeking info about WWII

To the editor:

For the first year, eighth graders � as well as a few seventh graders � at Vermillion Middle School are requesting your help in locating next-of-kin of South Dakotans who perished in World War II.

A book, Fallen Sons of South Dakota in WW II, thus far contains biographies for 250 of the estimated 1,595 South Dakota casualties and should be available soon on a state Web site, www.sdwwiimemorial.com, which is currently under construction. We are working in conjunction with the coordinator of this project, Sheila Hanson of Spearfish Middle School, who plans to add all subsequent biographies to both the book and the state Web site.

In Clay County, we are actively seeking information regarding Lowell A. Anderson, Gordon E. Brown, Fern O. Brubaker, Ernest C. Delaney and Harold K. Delaney. Please contact us if you have any pertinent information about these individuals.

Please write to gscoblic@yahoo.com or Gretchen Scoblic, c/o Vermillion Middle School, 422 Princeton St., Vermillion, SD, 57069. To reveal, preserve, and protect the memories of South Dakotans in World War II is our challenge; creating a lasting legacy for South Dakota is our goal.


Gretchen Scoblic

Vermillion Middle School

Fraternity's work deserves praise

To the editor:

I would like for the citizens of Vermillion to know of a wonderful bit of charitable work that is done each fall by the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Each November, 10 to 30 of the members take an evening to hand address over 2,000 envelopes for Prison Congregations of America, to be used for the Christmas mailing. It's a wonderful gift in man-hours to our ministry.

The next time you see a member of the SAE fraternity, tip your hat and give them a slap on the back ? for me and for the PCA. Thanks!

Pastor Ed Nesselhuf

Executive Director

Prison Congregations of America


Reader unhappy with city's response

To the editor:

I was told that if someone complains about someone else's yard, a variance or violation will be given to the owner. The owner will have a certain time to move the nuisance.

I have done that. I've complained to the city council and the code enforcement three to four times. I guess my complaints don't count. Maybe because I'm a woman. Or maybe because I have fought for beliefs I know are true.

I was given a variance to move my box of rocks because it is a safety hazard. I, in turn, asked that the "Barista's Brew" building be moved because it's more of a safety hazard. I'm always given excuses.

But, hey, now a "Park and Mark It" sign is there. I can move my broken up shed that's in my backyard to that same corner.

It's nice to know there is a new place to "park" my old buildings, so it's off my yard. Therefore, "I" don't get another violation.

Lois J. Getzin


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