Local Girl Scouts make a difference

Local Girl Scouts make a difference The Vermillion Girl Scouts marked their third year of participation in the national program "Make a Difference Day" by taking to the streets.

Scouts, ages 5 to 12, walked through selected areas of Vermillion picking up trash. Armed with trash bags donated by the Vermillion Solid Waste and Recycling Center, various troops walked along east Main Street, through Prentis Park, and along Pine, Linden and Willow streets.

Scouts also collected recyclable materials such as newspapers, aluminum cans, magazines and plastic containers throughout the month of October, and took those items to the Vermillion Recycling Center.

At the Girl Scout Fall Festival, Scouts and their families played games at carnival booths run by each troop. Tickets earned at the various booths were redeemed for prizes donated by many generous local businesses. The girls participated in a cake walk and a pumpkin decorating/carving contest.

Participants could also have their faces painted or have Halloween temporary tattoos applied by the sixth grade junior troop. Entry to the festival was gained by donation of a canned good for the local food pantry.

Girls Scouts have also spent the month of October collecting money for UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Fund). Each girl was given an orange UNICEF "Trick-or-Treat" box to collect change.

This Halloween, UNICEF has directed all of the money raised for relief to Afghan children. Additional funds to benefit Afghan children were collected through a voluntary offering at the fall festival.

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