SDPTV awarded Emmy for Lost Bird program

SDPTV awarded Emmy for Lost Bird program South Dakota Public Television earned a regional Emmy from the Minneapolis/St. Paul region's Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Science.

The award was announced on Saturday, Oct. 27, in Minneapolis at the annual awards ceremony.

SDPTV was honored in the "Public Affairs" category for Lost Bird of Wounded Knee. Producer Bob Bosse and Videographer/Editor Kevin Patten were in Minneapolis to accept the award.

Emmy awards recognize outstanding achievement, encourage the pursuit of excellence and promote high quality programs.

Lost Bird of Wounded Knee, based on a book by Renee Sansom Flood, portrays the true story of a survivor of the Wounded Knee massacre. A rescue party found the Lakota infant who became known as Lost Bird four days after the attack, a miraculous occurrence given the extreme temperatures.

A prominent white family adopted Lost Bird. But, Lost Bird never gained acceptance in the white world or in her Native American homeland. The program depicts her heartbreaking story of racism, abuse, heartbreak and poverty.

A Lost Bird Web site, with information about Lost Bird, her times and the people around her, is available at

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