Stolz receives Teamwork Award

Stolz receives Teamwork Award Kevin Stolz, Vermillion, was recently presented with the SD Division of Parks and Recreation's Teamwork Award.

Stolz was awarded for his role in the developing and implementing the 2001 seasonal ranger training program.

"It was because of the hard work, dedication and professionalism of Stolz and his fellow park rangers that the seasonal ranger program was top notch this past year," said SD Division of Parks and Recreation Director Doug Hofer. "Each of you showed up for the seasonal training prepared to work as a team and conducted an excellent training program."

Stolz was hired as a park ranger at Lewis and Clark Recreation Area in 2000. He also worked as a seasonal for several summers. During an award presentation Hofer commended Stolz for his exceptional efforts in training, mentoring and coaching the seasonal rangers.

Aside from making the parks a safer place for the park visitors, permanent park rangers have a variety of responsibilities. They patrol the park to ensure visitor safety, perform risk management assessments, deal with accident reporting, report park maintenance deficiencies or problems and provide visitors with information.

They are also involved in hiring, training and mentoring seasonal rangers. When mentoring seasonal park rangers, a permanent park ranger evaluates the seasonal's technique and provides training and guidance.

Seasonal rangers patrol the park to ensure the visitors safety. The seasonal rangers also act as ambassadors for the park system. They assist park visitors by answering questions and giving directions and they notify staff of deficiencies or problems with the park's facilities.

Seasonal rangers are generally college students who are majoring in criminal justice. For a student to become a seasonal ranger they must have at least 18 credits of criminal justice course work and have completed the Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Law Course taught at The University of South Dakota (USD) by Kevin Stolz and other professionals in the field.

Seasonal rangers take part in classroom studies to learn the laws and regulations of GFP as well as field training exercises preparing them to handle any situation that may arise.

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