Swick receives Art Quinn award

Swick receives Art Quinn award Chuck Swick, TRIO director at The University of South Dakota, was named the 2001 Art Quinn Memorial Award recipient at the 25th annual Association of Special Programs in Region Eight (ASPIRE) Conference held recently in Colorado Springs, CO.

ASPIRE is a professional association of TRIO personnel who work in North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Colorado and South Dakota. TRIO is a family of educational assistance programs of the Student Support Services (SSS) program at USD.

The award is named in honor of Art Quinn, long-time director of Upward Bound at Black Hills State University. The award recognizes individuals who have excelled in providing services and support to TRIO and ASPIRE at the local, state and regional levels.

"The award exemplifies the recipient's unselfish and sincere desire to assist students beyond the general expectations of the project guidelines," said Billie James, USD student support manager and 2000 Art Quinn recipient. "Chuck's level of commitment to low income and first generation students is impressive. He strives to make a difference to these students no matter their age or circumstance."

Swick is a recipient of a 30-year pin for service at USD and a 25-year plaque recipient from ASPIRE. During his college years, he became a mentor and recreation director for the program. Swick graduated from the university in 1970, at which time joined USD as assistant director of Upward Bound, and has subsequently been named its director. Under his leadership, the SSS program, Educational Talent Search, and Math and Science Initiative programs were added.

Student Support Services is a grant-funded program supported by the U.S. Department of Education. The primary purpose is to improve the retention and graduation rates of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program provides help in areas such as tutoring, counseling, advising, internships and career assessments.

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