Clubs Senior Citizens Center

The regular Wednesday card party Dec. 15 had 15 pitch, four pinochle and 24 bridge players at the Senior Citizens Center.

Bridge prize receivers were Marlys Miller, high; Margaret Waltner, second; and Jim Prosser, third. Tied for blind bogie were Leona Kryger and Phyllis Christol, and tied for low were Virginia Stedronsky and Reidella Engman.

Refreshments were furnished by Marlys Miller and Barb Kronaizl.

Men and women are welcome � no reservations are needed. Come join us at 1 p.m. every Wednesday.

Vermillion Rotary Club

President Missy Mayfield called us to order for our weekly lunch at the Silver Dollar. Our guests today were four seniors from Vermillion High School: Alexis Lang, Ben McBride, Brett Mockler, and Thad Roche.

Our Rotary officers for the new year were announced. Well, actually we voted on it, but it was the normal slam dunk for the party slate proposed by our nominating committee. Politburo posts will be allocated as follows: President Barry Vickrey; President-elect Dan Van Peursem; Vice-President Kent Scribner; Secretary Kathy Chandler; Treasurer Pat Pravecek; Sgt.-at-Arms Al Pravecek; and board members Jeanette Hubert, Al Pravecek and John Storm.

Jack DeVany brought in our program for today in the shape of the Vermillion High School Jazz Choir. Choir Director Kristin Iverson, with the assistance of John Alpers, led the group on a most melodious romp through a broad variety of Christmas music. From sacred music to popular music to a vocal version of some Tchaikowsky, the choir gave a performance that must have had most of us thinking that we'd really better do something about the way the Rotary membership always sings its way through a couple of songs at the beginning of our meetings. Like maybe cut back to one or none or get a tape or CD from these hotshots from VHS to play instead. Maybe our new slate of officers will move on that.

Emeritus Club

Professor Benno Wymar, recently retired from the USD School of Business, enlightened and entertained the club with personal accounts of his experiences in Afghanistan and neighboring countries, including his incarceration for suspicion of spying for the U.S. or Germany prior to the Afghan standoff with the USSR. Discussion of the various conflicting interests � religious, tribal, governmental (internal and external) geographic, and economic � added to our knowledge of the complexity of the current situation there.

Dr. Knutson displayed and discussed briefly examples of possible ironwork (scenes from Shakespeare's plays) that could be used in the back fence of the Shakespeare Garden. He suggested, and those present seemed in accord, that the fence should proceed with the same motifs as on the front fence, and that these could be added, if desired.

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