Letters A sorry, sad, disgusting act

To the editor:

The Clay County Historical Society would like to thank the generous people who donated their beautifully decorated homes to be on the Christmas House Tour last weekend. It is due to their gifts of time and talent that this benefit tour was such a success. Your homes were gorgeous!

However, we are sorry, saddened and disgusted that jealous, mean-spirited vandals would spoil this occasion. When the tour committee asked the Phi Delta Theta fraternity if they would put their house on the tour, we had no idea it would result in hoodlums cutting down the decorated, 20 foot tall, living Christmas tree in front of their house.

What kind of people cut down a Christmas tree decorated for charity?

We hope the rest of you are as angry as we are. Often we complain that young people are not good citizens in Vermillion. Yet when a group tries to be a constructive part of the community, malicious vandalism is the thanks they get.

The Clay County Historical Society and concerned individuals are offering a $400 reward for information leading to identification of the vandals. Contact Cleo Erickson at 624-8266 or Vermillion Police 677-7070.

To all who worked so hard on the tour � home owners and the dedicated volunteers of the Historical Society � thank you!

Christmas House Tour Co-Chairs,

Joe Hoffman

Judy Clark

Second-graders brighten soldiers' holidays

To the editor:

I am currently a platoon leader with the 50th Engineer Company (Assault Float Bridge) stationed at Camp Laguardia, South Korea. The second-graders at Austin School in Vermillion took some time last month to write letters and draw pictures for the 55 soldiers in my platoon here.

These letters touched the hearts of every single soldier, and I had no trouble in getting them to respond back to their new pen pals. Korea is a hardship tour, away from families and far from home, and during the holiday season especially, times are trying. With little efforts like this by the entire second grade, my soldiers had even more to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Special thanks to the staff for making this happen, and for each student who wrote a letter. The letters meant more than you may know, and I send thanks to everyone who participated in "Operation Pen Pal."

During the holiday season, remember all of our soldiers spread out across the world, sacrificing everything to serve our country. It is an honor to serve here, and despite being away from all that we know and love back in the States, we are blessed. Happy Holidays. Bridge the Gap!

First Lieutenant

Erica Iverson

Camp Laguardia

South Korea

Who cut down the Christmas tree?

To the editor:

On Friday night, Dec. 7, the Clay County Historical Society held its annual Candlelight Tour of Homes. It was a beautiful night and six lovely homes, decorated for the holidays, were opened for display. Many calls have been received in our office from people who enjoyed the tour. Then a call came with bad news.

The Phi Delta Theta Fraternity opened their home for our tour that night. The fraternity members worked hard decorating inside and out. The wreaths on the outside pillars were festive, but the large spruce tree in the front yard was elegant with its blue lights. Yes, it stood straight and tall lighted for all to see and enjoy during the Christmas season. However, Saturday night, Dec. 8, someone decided to destroy the beauty of that tree and cut it down. Yes, the tree was cut down and left lying in the front yard at the Phi Delta Theta House.

Who is to blame for this horrible act? Whoever you are, please use the same courage you had to use to enter the yard at the Phi Delta Theta House to destroy the tree and come forward and admit your guilt. You need to take the responsibility for ruining not only the beautiful tree, but also the beauty of the season.

Cleo Erickson, President

Clay County Historical Society, Inc.

Hospital provides excellent care

To the editor:

During the past two years our family has had the need to use the local hospital here in Vermillion.

Both times we were very pleased. Healing was accomplished!

The doctors and nurses were knowledgeable, friendly and prompt with their healing care. Environmental people kept the place spotless, the food was as good as any restaurant in town, tasty, hot, on time, large portions attractively presented.

The occupational therapy people, accounting department and all other staff knew their stuff!

This community and our Nebraska neighbors are indeed fortunate to have a fine facility such as this.

God bless our hospital!

Tom Vogel


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