VHS JV volleyball competes in tourney

VHS JV volleyball competes in tourney by Jim Prosser The VHS volleyball started their 2001-02 season off by entering the junior varsity in a six team round robin tournament at Dakota Valley on Saturday, Dec. 8.

The teams entered were: Alcester/Hudson, Centerville, Dakota Valley, Wakonda, Vermillion JV, and Yankton JV. Results of each match were: Dakota Valley 2-1 over Wakonda; Alcester/Hudson defeated Centerville 2-1; Yankton JV defeated Vermillion JV 2-0; Wakonda defeated Vermillion JV 2-0; Yankton JV defeated Centerville 2-1; Dakota Valley defeated Alcester/Hudson 2-1; Yankton JV defeated Wakonda 2-1; Centerville defeated Dakota Valley 2-1; Alcester/Hudson defeated Vermillion JV 2-0; Centerville defeated Vermillion JV 2-0; Dakota Valley defeated Yankton JV 2-0; Alcester/Hudson defeated Wakonda 2-0; Dakota Valley defeated Vermillion 2-0; Alcester/Hudson defeated Yankton JV 2-0; Wakonda defeated Centerville 2-1.

Final standings: Dakota Valley 4-1; Alcester/Hudson 4-1; Wakonda 3-2; Yankton JV 2-3; Centerville 2-3; Vermillion JV 0-5.

Individual Vermillion player statistics will follow as they are made available.

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