Vickrey member of Corps of Rediscovery

Vickrey member of Corps of Rediscovery The South Dakota Department of Tourism recognized new members of the South Dakota Corps of Rediscovery at the Lewis and Clark statewide meeting, Nov. 17, in Chamberlain.

The Corps of Rediscovery is responsible for statewide plans and preparations associated with South Dakota's Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, 2004-2006.

Cindy Tyron of the Department of Tourism, and Laurie Heupel of the National Park Service, presented plaques to new members, including Mary Green Vickrey of Vermillion.

Following the presentation, speakers discussed bicentennial preparations and provided information on cost-share grants. Tribal, governmental and community representatives were on hand to share their plans, comments and concerns regarding bicentennial activities.

For more information about statewide Lewis and Clark Bicentennial efforts, contact the South Dakota Department of Tourism, (605) 773-3301.

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