Chestnut Street will be topic of public meeting

Chestnut Street will be topic of public meeting by David Lias Discussion of the Chestnut Street improvement project, the source of much controversy in Vermillion for over a year now, has temporarily been placed on a back burner.

The Vermillion City Council, however, plans to host a public forum in the near future to present a complete overview of the project's design, cost and need.

"Chestnut Street is not on the agenda this evening," Mayor Roger Kozak said at Monday's city council meeting. He added, however, that the city council will eventually meet on a Monday night in the near future.

"We are going to have the engineers and anyone else who is involved in that project to give us an overview from the start to the present day," he said.

Kozak noted that many members of the present-day council took office after their predecessors had already decided to pursue the project.

"I think we should know the intent and purpose behind the original design work, I think we should know what some of the implications are if we modify the design, so we have some sense of what direction we want to go," he said.

It will take time, Kozak said, to prepare for the meeting, but the effort, he hopes, will prove valuable.

"I anticipate a public forum � it will be a council meeting, but it will also be a public forum so that we can clear the air of any misinformation," he said.

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