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The Meckling Livestock 4-H Club met Dec. 11 at the 4-H Building. Roll call subject was "What you want for Christmas."

We have four new members joining our club. Old business: Brittni Bye gave a report on the giving tree presents purchased by our club.

New business: We delivered Meals-on-Wheels on Jan. 3. We decided we will each bring an idea for the AIDs quilt block and we will vote on the design at our next meeting. We had two photography judging schools.

Hostesses were Brittni, Jennifer, Sara and Jana Bye.

Our next meeting will be Jan. 17, at the 4-H Building. Remember, that is demonstration night and to bring your quilt block ideas.


Ashley Ouellette

Vermillion Rotary Club

A quick review of the Lewis and Clark Expedition's journey through South Dakota in 1804 was the subject of Mary Edelen's presentation to Rotarians at the Silver Dollar Tuesday noon. Edelen is director of the state historical society and has begun to make public appearances around the state to help prepare South Dakotans for the 2003-2006 bicentennial of the expedition.

Losing Sgt. Charles Floyd to appendicitis in what is now the Sioux City area was a blow to the expedition as they approached South Dakota. In what is considered by many to be the first election west of the Mississippi River, members of "Corps of Discovery" voted in the Elk Point area to have Patrick Gass replace their fallen comrade. Shortly after, the group entered the Vermillion area, hesitating long enough on their journey up the Missouri River for a dozen of their members to hike to Spirit Mound and investigate the prairie landmark that was important to Native American lore of the time.

Lewis and Clark's first meeting with the Sioux people was on Calumet Bluff near Yankton. Once leaving that area the Corps began to discover animals and plants not known to European-Americans and thus they began to carry out one of the objectives of the expedition, which was to study flora and fauna en route to the Pacific. They even managed to capture a live prairie dog, which they called a "barking squirrel," in the area of present-day Pickstown and were able to send the critter back to President Thomas Jefferson as an example of their discoveries.

A crisis arose at the mouth of the Bad River on the site of present-day Fort Pierre when there was a misunderstanding, due in part to inadequate language interpretation, with the Teton Sioux tribe, who were powerful in that area. However, the three-day visit ended peacefully, allowing the expedition to continue into what is now North Dakota.

Guests of Rotarians included Wess Pravacek and four students from Vermillion High School: Ashley Nelson, Mary Nelson, Rachel Nelson and Caio Vayego. Vayego is the Rotary exchange student from Brazil spending this year in Vermillion.

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