Letters USD fortunate to have Abbott's leadership

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to Aaron Woodward's letter regarding President Abbott. When President Abbott came to USD, the morale of faculty, staff, and students was the lowest it had been since I came to USD in 1983.

President Abbott has done a wonderful job of reorganizing, setting standards, increasing technology opportunities, communicating with faculty and students, and providing professional opportunities for staff and faculty. I certainly do not view his job at USD as a "stepping stone to politics."

We have been fortunate to have his leadership and his service at USD. I imagine most of the faculty and staff will support his run for governor, but we will miss him at USD.

Billie James


City council commended on street issue

To the editor:

I disagree with the Jan. 11 letter writer who complains about the resolution of the Chestnut Street project. The city council, by its recent actions on this issue, has apparently saved Vermillion taxpayers a significant amount of money, and should be commended for considering the views of affected property owners.


Bill Cafruny


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