Some Vermillion citizens weren’t counted by census Growth prompts city ward changes

Some Vermillion citizens weren't counted by census Growth prompts city ward changes by David Lias Some Vermillion citizens may find themselves hunting for their names in the printed list of registered voters at the polls before they cast ballots at the next election.

It has been discovered that the 2000 census, which listed the population of the city as 9,765, is inaccurate.

Upon review of the census information, an appeal was filed by the city requesting 511 individuals residing in college dormitories reported in a census block south of the bypass but north of the city limits to be included in the city population.

Vermillion Finance Officer Mike Carlson has been given unofficial notice that the 511 individuals would be included in the city population and reduced from the township population.

This increases the city's population to 10,276, and has made it necessary to change the boundaries of the city's four wards so that the population of each ward is equal plus or minus 5 percent.

The central ward is now larger, increasing its population by 345 people. The northwest ward has been made smaller, reducing its population by 403 citizens.

The southeast and northeast wards experienced little change, increasing by 37 and 21 people respectively.

The Vermillion City Council gave approval to the ward boundary changes Jan. 7. The first day to circulate nominating petitions for local elections is Feb. 8.

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