Tanager volleyball team entertains trio

Tanager volleyball team entertains trio by Jim Prosser Responding to a disappointing fifth place finish at the SE area tournament last year, the Tanager volleyball team found the results more to their liking as they hosted the East/West Quadrangular by sweeping the meet involving Todd County, Custer, and Lennox on Saturday, Jan. 5.

Vermillion opened with a 15 -3, and 15-9 victory over Todd County, followed it with a 15-10, 15-8 win over Lennox, then completed the whitewash 15-6, 15-12 over Custer.

The other matches had Lennox winning 15-12, 15-13 over Custer, and 15-7, 14-16, 15 -8 over Todd County, and Custer defeating TC 15-8, 15-5.

The final standings were Vermillion 3-0, first; Lennox 2 -1, second; Custer 1-2, third; Todd County 0-3, fourth.

Following are the individual statistics for each match:

Match #1 vs TC � Meggie Donnelly led the offense with 4 aces, 13 service points, 2 digs, 16 assists, and 1 kill. She was accompanied by Karen Sorensen with 32 aces, 4 service points, 8 digs, and 4 kills; Tessa Tuetken had 4 service points and she also had 4 kills and 3 digs. Not to be overlooked were Ashley Bjorkman � 3 kills, 8 digs, 1 assist, 2 service points, 1 ace; Whitney Tolsma � 3 PE, 4 service points, 1 ace, 2 digs, 1 kill and .500 AE; and Allison Stewart � 4 service points, 1 ace, 4 digs, 7 kills, and 1.0 AE.

�This was really a wake up call for us. Thankfully, Todd County was as sluggish as we were, allowing us to get going just enough to win,� coach Lenni Biillberg said. �Whitney and Allison were bright spots for the match.�

The Tanagers path to the championship included the 15-10, 15-8 sweep of Lennox in match #2.

Bjorkman led the Tanagers with 6 service points, 3 aces, 12 kills, 2 B, 1 ace, and 14 digs; Tuetken had 2 aces, 1 kill, 12 service points, 2 aces and 7 digs; Donnelly had 20 assists, and 3 digs; Tolsma � 2.5 PE, 1 B, 3 kills, 3 service points, 8 digs; Stewart � 6 service points, and 6 digs; and Dru Vankley contributed 4 kills.

�Facing a much improved Lennox team, the ladies in red had a break out defensive effort. Leading the team in attacking and defense was Bjorkman and her never say die attitude,� said coach Billberg

Game #3 was more of the same as Custer fell to the Tanager juggernaut 15-6, 15-12. Donnelly led with 17 assists, 9 service points, 1 ace, and 6 digs; Tuetken scored 6 service points, 4 aces, 7 digs, 2 kills and 2 assists; Bjorkman had 6 kills, 5 service points, 1 ace, and 8 digs; Stewart led with 8 service points, 4 aces, and 9 digs. Sorensen recorded 9 kills, 1 service point, 1 kill, and 3 digs.

According to the coach, �The girls rolled against the young feisty Custer team. Donnelly stepped up her performance to lead the assists with her never ending hustle. Pacing the attackers for the Tanagers were Karen Sorensen and Whitney Tolsma. We came out swinging and couldn�t be stopped.�

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