VHS gymnastics team hosts ‘Winter Wonderland’ Invite

VHS gymnastics team hosts 'Winter Wonderland' Invite by Jim Prosser With a late December snowfall to set the stage, the Tanager gymnastics team hosted the third annual Winter Wonderland Invitational on Friday, Dec. 28.

The meet was held at the Vermillion High School gym, decorated by a holiday snowflake motif at the judges' and scorers' tables and a large Christmas tree covered with colored lights and gymnastic ornaments to create a festive atmosphere for the holiday season. Coach Mark Upward and his family, along with assistant coaches, helped to prepare the gym.

In addition to Vermillion, there were six schools invited and all attended the tournament � Britton, Chamberlain, Clark, Milbank and Miller, and Sisseton.

With over 60 gymnasts and a necessary seven-rotation format, the meet was completed in 3 1/2 hours and included a special fun contest to determine who could maintain a handstand without "crumbling" for the longest period of time. Each grade level competed. The winners were: seventh/eighth grade � Whitney Knippling, Chamberlain, 29.59 sec.; freshmen � Sarah Christopherson, Vermillion, 55.51 sec.; sophomores � Sarah Gregg, Vermillion, 10.18 sec.; juniors � Darcy Werdel, Miller, 55.02 sec.; seniors � Amber Reisdorff, Vermillion, 31.59 sec.; and VHS alumni � Teisha Upward, 1.01 min. Each winner was presented a teddy bear for a prize and Christopherson also received a trophy as the grand champion.

The top 10 scorers in each of the four events and all-around were recognized, with each being awarded a place medal.

Final team results were: Vermillion � 114.6; Clark � 109.4; Britton � 108.55; Chamberlain � 107.2; Milbank � 103.9; Miller � 102.1; and Sisseton � 91. 2.

Following are the placers and scores for the VHS gymnasts for each event and all-around:


3. Sarah Christopherson, 30.3; 7. Ariel Hoffman, 27.8; 9. Katie Conners, 26.6; Amber Reisdorph, 24.9.

2. Sarah Gregg, 7.8; 10. Sarah Christopherson, 6.5; Ariel Hoffman, 6.45; Katie Connors, 5.55; Amber Reisdorph, 5.15.

5. Sarah Christopherson, 7.25; 7. Ariel Hoffman, 6.75; Meganne Hovden, 6.4; Katie Connors, 6.35; Amber Reisdorph, 4.35.

Floor exercise

3. Sarah Christopherson, 7.95; 4. Amber Reisdorph, 7.6; 6. Ariel Hoffman, 7.1; Katie Connors, 6.6.


1. Sarah Christopherson, 8.6; 4 (tie). Katie Connors, 8.1; 7 (tie). Meganne Hovden and Amber Reisdorph, 7.8; Ariel Hoffman, 7.5.

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