Clubs Alpha Lambda of ESA

The December meeting of Alpha Lambda was held at the home of Luann Ouellette. A catered meal was served by the hostesses, JoAnn Stockland and Luann Ouellette. The highlight of the meeting was the revealing of Secret Sisters with a gift presented to each one. Members will make cookies and help distribute cheer plates for the Civic Council.

The January meeting was held at the home of Teresa Wingen. President Thelma Raines presided at the business meeting. Committee reports were given. Election of officers and a vote for the woman of the year was held at this time. The fall council committee for 2002 was appointed.

Alpha Lambda will take part in the Feb. 11 Welcome Table in Vermillion. Sign up sheets were passed around for next year's committees. Teresa Wingen presented the educational program on "Snow Globes."

The next meeting will be held at the home of Peggy Mollet Feb. 7, with initiation, announcement of the woman of the year and installation of new officers.

Vermillion Rebekah Lodge #28/Odd Fellow Lodge #3

The Vermillion Rebekah Lodge #28 and Odd Fellow Lodge #3 met Jan. 22 for their regular meeting. A potluck supper was enjoyed by all before the meeting. Marilyn and Al Siecke presided at the meetings. The Civic Council report was given and much discussion was held. Gertrude Clark read a reading on Thomas Wildey, the founder of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Pat Frazee was presented with a pin for getting new members.

The serving committees for bingo on Feb. 2 and Feb. 9 are as follows: sweets, Elinore Bobier and Barb Baisden; meat, Bea Christopherson; cashier, Agnes Sealey.

After the meeting was closed we all joined together in the dining room and we helped Harriet Randall celebrate her 80th birthday. Cake and ice cream were furnished by her sister, Eileen Johnson. The next meeting will be Feb. 12 with Agnes and John Sealey and Harriet Randall on the serving committee.

Vermillion Jaycees

The Vermillion Jaycees met at 7 p.m. on Jan. 17, in the city fire hall. Approval of the agenda and minutes of the Jan. 7 meeting was approved.

Brady reported that recruiting nights will be set up and if anybody has any names for prospective members, they should let him know. He also introduced new member, Laura Brady.

Von Stange presented an idea for an Outstanding Young Awards Presentation. After a discussion of ideas, the Jaycees agreed to hold the project, chaired by Stange. The awards ceremony will be tentatively set for Feb. 28. The nine categories for the awards were approved, as well as a budget and guidelines for the awards. It was also decided to make the week of the outstanding young awards Vermillion Jaycee Week.

Individual Development VP Amy Thiesse reported that she's working on a survey to send out to all members to find out interests for educational opportunities.

President Jason Coenan reported that the president's recruiting incentive for this month will be a $25 gift certificate to Ace Hardware. Each month goes from closeout to closeout.

During open floor, Jennifer Steele reported that Jan. 25-27 was the State Jaycee Year-End Roundup in Watertown. There was also discussion about the possible purchase of a copier for the Jaycees.

The February meetings will be Feb. 4 and Feb. 21 at the fire hall with the regular meetings starting at 7 p.m. The executive board will also meet at 6 p.m. Feb. 4.

The meeting was adjourned and closed with reciting the Jaycee Creed.

Vermillion Encampment and Ladies Encampment Auxiliary #38

The Vermillion Encampment and Ladies Encampment Auxiliary #38 met Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. with Kathy Lilly, chief matriarch, presiding. Regular opening was held and many members were reported on the sick list from the last two months.

We are planning on having an auction sometime in the spring but will get more details later. Several readings were given by some of the members.

A donation was given to the Odd Fellws for the use of the hall which is much appreciated. The meeting was closed and lunch was served by Agnes and John Sealey.

Senior Citizens Center

Forty-four card players � 21 pitch, four pinochle and 19 bridge � were treated to a special coffee break Jan. 23 when Ernie Miller served banana splits!

Bridge prizes went to Lola Christensen, high; Shirley Riehle, second; Ernie Miller, third; Robin Eisenmenger, blind bogey and Russ Heikes, low.

Men and women are welcome. No reservations are needed; just be here at 1 p.m. for a pleasant afternoon every wednesday.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Mary Green Vickrey of Vermillion entertained Rotarians Tuesday with a program of popular music from the Lewis and Clark era.

Vickrey takes care to give her audiences enough United States historical information from the early 1800s so they can appreciate the lyrics and particularly the humor of the numbers she presents. In Jefferson and Liberty, for example, she reminds the listener that politics of those times could be every bit as sarcastic as political infighting is 200 years later.

Rotarians responded well to the French Song, En Roulant, belting out the rousing chorus to compliment the verses Vickrey offered. She reminded members that French-Americans did the "grunt work" of getting the Lewis and Clark Expedition's three boats up the Missouri River in 1804.

Vickrey said that while her research had yet to come up with an actual song used by the expedition members on their journey, she would fill that void with her final number, a delightful humorous work entitled, A Scientific Journey: A Favorite New Song of the Glorious Expedition of Lewis and Clark. With that, she sharpened the focus of her audience on the impending bicentennial of the expedition from 2003 to 2006.

Rotary president Missy Mayfield reminded members again that the president of Rotary International, Richard King, will speak at a district Rotary dinner in Sioux Falls Feb. 13. This will mark the first time a Rotary leader has ever appeared in South Dakota, and Mayfield urged Vermillion members to attend the Sioux Falls event.

Rotary guests included this week's contingent of students from Vermillion High School � Chris Hays, Kris Hoffman and Ollie Hope.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

St. Agnes Court #687, held its annual Christmas meeting at the W.H. Over Museum in December. A brunch was served by Lorraine Brunick and her committee. Mary Bartels, regent, called the meeting to order. Christmas charities included the Vermillion Care Center, Northwood Assisted Living, Prairie Estates Care Center, Seminarian Gary DeRouche, and St. Joseph, Marty and Red Cloud Indian Schools.

Members baked cookies and candy for cheer plates distributed in the Vermillion community. Christmas gifts brought by the membership were given to needy families.

Isabell Manning was honored with a plaque and a letter from the National Regent Eunice Riles for her 66 year member in the Catholic Daughters. Following the meeting, the members viewed the Christmas trees at the museum.

The January meeting was held at the St. Agnes School Auditorium with a business meeting and a vintage hat show presented by Shirley Huber. Delegates were elected to the state convention to be held in Yankton in April. Sylvia Lynch and her committee served the potluck dinner. Following the dinner, members enjoyed cards and games.

Feb. 9 will be the celebration of the 12th Annual Mardi Gras Dance at the St. Agnes School Auditorium at 8 p.m. Kenny Carlow and his band will provide the music. The Vermillion community is invited to attend.

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