ESA celebrates Proud American Woman Event Vermillion chapters honor local families in need

ESA celebrates Proud American Woman Event Vermillion chapters honor local families in need In response to the tragic events of Sept. 11, the international women's service sorority, Epsilon Sigma Alpha, ESA, instigated nation-wide recognition of those females, who like many in the Midwest, are proud to call themselves proud American women. The event, which is being recognized throughout the United States, calls for all women moved by recent world events and proud of their national heritage and citizenship to stand up and be noticed.

Designating February as Proud American Woman month, ESA chapters across the state and country are sponsoring events and collecting signatures from women choosing to wear the title "Proud American Woman" and pledging to honor themselves and their country.

Signatures collected throughout the country at the closure of all events will be assembled and sent as a statement of pride to President George W. Bush.

The three local chapters of ESA banded together to honor fellow Americans as a symbol of pride in their country and commitment to others. ESA women donated time and monetary gifts to support and serve the locally run Welcome Table which is held every Monday night at the United Church of Christ.

The Welcome Table is a full evening meal available at no cost to any adults, families, and children in the Clay County area who are interested or in need.

ESA Women and their families prepared the weekly event, served the meal, and enjoyed time spent with locals during the event.

In addition to the most recent Proud American Woman Event, ESA sponsors large national and local service events and fundraisers. At the organization's international level, ESA is responsible for giving thousands of dollars per year to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and Easter Seals.

A regular ESA giving project at the state level involves donations to the Ronald McDonald House. One well-known event sponsored by the ESA chapters at the local level includes the Giving Tree found throughout Vermillion during the Christmas Season which helped 86 local families and 235 children this past year. Other local projects include a fall bike ride for St. Jude's, preparing and serving Senior Citizens' dinners, volunteering at nursing homes, and giving items and monetary gifts to the Food Pantry and Civic Council.

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