Relay for Life will be all-night party

Relay for Life will be all-night party The 2002 DakotaDome Relay for Life will be an all-night party this year. The American Cancer Society fundraiser begins at 11:59 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23 and continues until noon Sunday, Feb. 24. The theme for the Clay County event is "There's No Place Like Dome."

"We're going to keep people so busy, they won't even worry about it being the middle of the night," said Wess Pravecek, Entertainment Chair for this year's event.

The Relay will start off with a pizza party at midnight and feature a night full of games, entertainment, fun and educational opportunities. The Relay for Life is Clay County's biggest fundraiser for the American Caner Society. To get a team packet, call 677-5289 or 253-2138.

"Cancer affects us all," said Ruth Bylander, chair for the event. "We have all lost friends, loved ones, neighbors and even heroes to this disease. The good news is that cancer research is advancing at a remarkable pace. With events like the Relay for Life, we all get a chance to help find a cure."

The event features teams from the community, with up to 15 people per team, who try to have at least one person on the track at all times. Teams pay a fee to participate and go out into the community to raise even more money for the cancer society.

"An all-night event isn't as tough as it sounds," said Bylander. "No one has to be there for the whole 12 hours. A team could designate a member who stays up late to start out the event, and have someone who's an early bird show up really early. Then, the majority could take to the track in the morning from 6 a.m. to noon."

Team members who raise $50 or more get a free T-shirt. Those who raise $100 or more can enter the regional ACS contest for a Rolex watch. A series of Smart Shops will give participants a chance to earn Relay Bucks while they learn about cancer. They can use the Relay Bucks to enter drawings for even more prizes.

The Relay begins with the midnight party and activities continue all night. In the morning, the program will be highlighted by an inspirational walk by cancer survivors.

To participate, call 677-5289 or 253-2138 or e-mail

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