Spring load restrictions announced

Spring load restrictions announced Spring load restrictions were implemented Friday, Feb. 15 on all state highways in portions of northwest, north central and southeast South Dakota and in the Black Hills area. The northwest and north central area is bound on the west by Wyoming and Montana, the north by North Dakota, east by and excluding SD 47 and the south by and excluding I-90. The southeast area is bound on the west by and including SD 47, the north by and including SD 34, the east by Minnesota, and the south by and excluding I-90.

The Black Hills area includes the area bound on the west by Wyoming, north and east by and excluding I-90, east and south by and excluding US 18.

Additionally, SD 251 from Nebraska to US 18 and SD 1806 from US 18 north to the Missouri River were also posted at 7 tons per axle beginning on Feb. 15. Please contact local highway officials for implementation and removal dates for local highways.

Only limited overweight permits will be issued for the movement of non-divisible loads in the area of the state that is under spring load restrictions. The overweight permit limitations are as follows:

* The weight per axle may not exceed that allowed by the South Dakota Spring Load Restriction Map or Spring Load Restriction Reports;

* The maximum weight per axle shall be limited to the smallest of 20,000 pounds per axle or 450 pounds per inch width of tire; and

* The weight may not exceed that allowed by the South Dakota Bridge Weight Limit Map or other overweight permit issuance criteria provided by the department of transportation.

The effective date of the load restrictions is determined by weather and road conditions. Normal overweight permits will continue to be issued in portions of the state that are not under spring load restrictions.

A Spring Load Restriction Report is usually issued in advance of any major load restriction change. This report is issued for guidance only and does not take precedence over load restriction signs in place. For further information or a copy of a Spring Load Restriction Map, please contact the department of transportation at (605) 773-3704.

Spring load limit information may also be found on the Internet at http://www.sddot.com/Operations/CVO/Spring_Load_Limits/index.htm. Interested parties may also subscribe to an e-mail list to receive spring load limit restriction information by e-mail. To subscribe to the e-mail service, please visit the Web site at http://www.sddot.com/geninfo_lists.cfm.

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