Tanager grapplers face Warriors in final match

Tanager grapplers face Warriors in final match by Jim Prosser The Vermillion High School wrestling team ended its regular season at Sioux Falls Washington Feb. 5. In varsity action, the Warriors defeated the Tanagers 61-12.

Varsity results

? 103 � Kyle Hubert lost to Rave WBF 0:58.

? 112 � J.J. LaMie won over Rinken 13-10.

? 119 � Brett Nielsen lost to Larson WBF 4:29.

? 125 � Andy Hayner lost to Ernster 10-4.

? 189 � Taylor Birgen lost to Edwards 15-6.

? 215 � Brad Simons won over Parks 12-6.

? HWT � Ray O�Connor WBF over Underberg 1:16.

Junior varsity results

? 103 � John Gregg lost to Dammer 7-5.

? 103 � Ryan O�Connor lost to Dammer WBF 4:51.

? 112 � Mark Clancy lost to Thorstenson WBF 1:25.

? 130 � Tom Pearson lost to Dougherty WBF 0:28. Tom Pearson lost to Gasper WBF 2:00.

? 152 � Pat Gregg lost to Vierkant WBF 0:28.

Pat Gregg lost to Hugardner WBF 1:49.

�I was very pleased with our performance at Sioux Falls Washington,� said coach Casey O�Connor. �The kids wrestled very well. Many of them are looking very strong going into the regional tournament.

�Right now we need to focus on getting everyone healthy for next week,� he said. �We have been struck with a few illnesses, but I think the wrestlers will focus on the next two weeks. The next two weeks is what we have been working so hard for over the past four months.�

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