Tanager varsity topped by Custer 61-48

Tanager varsity topped by Custer 61-48 by Jim Prosser The Vermillion Tanagers were topped by the Custer Wildcats 61-48 in boys� varsity basketball Feb. 2 at home after being buried by a first-half deficit.

�We came up against a really good basketball team,� said Vermillion varsity Coach Jason Huska. �We battled but it wasn�t enough. We learned some things from this game and the kids will work harder to get better. I really have to give credit to a well-coached Custer team.�

In the final half, Custer made a 14-0 run in the last half of the second period. Custer�s Paulson and Lyndoe each made 3-pointers during the run.

�The lead made a comeback difficult during the rest of the game,� Coach Huska said.

The contest was well-played, with the Tanagers committing only 8 turnovers and the Wildcats committing only 6.

The Wildcats ended up hot from three-point range, canning 6 of 10 from long distance.

Custer jumped in front 19-11 after the first quarter, and held an edge of 18-9 in the second quarter. Vermillion varsity had an advantage of 13-10 in the third period to cut the deficit to 47-33 going into the final period.

Vermillion varsity saw its record fall to 7-6, while Custer upped its mark to 14-2.

Vermillion varsity made 14 of 19 from the line. The Tanagers hit 15 of 40 from the field, while Custer was 27 of 50 from the field. The Wildcats made 3 of 6 free throw attempts.

Vermillion varsity was outrebounded 30-12.

Individual Stats, Vermillion varsity: Scoring � Nick Olson, 22, Jon Brooks, 9, Jeff Brevik, 5, Paul Tims, 4, Nathan Boots, 3, Matt Bedard, 2, Adam Brunick, 1. Rebounds � Olson, 6, Tims, 2. Assists � Boots, 3. Steals � Brevik, 1.

Individual Stats, Custer: Scoring � Paige Paulsen, 18, Travis Meyer, 14, Matte Lyndoe, 13, Tyler Custis, 11, Mike Burke, 3, Brady Summers, 2, Mike Arnold, 2. Rebounds � Paulsen, 4, Meyer, 8. Assists � Meyer, 5.

Team fouls: Vermillion varsity � 9, Custer � 13.

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