Vermillion Basin district contributes to water projects

Vermillion Basin district contributes to water projects The Vermillion Basin Water Development District (VBWDD) contributed over $80,000 to 16 different entities this past year � the highest number of projects supported by the district in its 10-year history. Among those groups receiving grants in 2001 were: U.S. Geological Survey, South Lincoln Rural Water System, Vermillion Parks and Recreation, Davis, Centerville, Clay County Conservation District, Turner County Conservation District, S.D. Game Fish & Parks, Pleasant Valley Diking Association, West Riverside Diking Association and Lodi Diking Association.

Many of these entities had water projects that required local monies for things like feasibility studies to get their project off the ground. Those local monies aren't always available in the budgets of the various entities because of financial constraints. Emergency repair work or unplanned projects can tax the local monies available for the projects as well. Financial assistance in these cases is one of the main purposes of water development districts. Contributing to the local match monies needed for state and federal grants is also an objective of these districts.

The VBWDD is also a key organization in providing direction for entities and municipalities in acquiring the state and federal grants and loans that are essential to complete the projects once they have been planned and studied.

Providing financial assistance to as many projects as possible with diversity amongst the types of entities is a major goal of the VBWDD. This allows benefits to a majority of taxpayers in one aspect or another.

The VBWDD serves Turner and Clay counties and provides financial and technical assistance to entities with water projects of many types. The board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Automatic Irrigation building in Centerville at 1111 Railway Avenue.

To be included on the agenda of a meeting or if there are any questions or comments, please contact the office or your local director. Executive Secretary Brad Preheim can be reached at the office phone number of 563-2883. Directors for 2002 include Chairman Amond Hanson (serving the City of Vermillion), Vice-Chairman Brian Jurgens (north half of rural Turner County), Secretary Stan Schmiedt (all municipalities other than Vermillion), Arden Abild (rural Clay county) and Ralph Duxbury (south half of rural Turner County).

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