VHS gymnasts dominate Wagner during Jan. 29 dual

VHS gymnasts dominate Wagner during Jan. 29 dual by Jim Prosser The Tanager gymnasts had a team point total of 121 in the dual meet held at the VHS gym on Tuesday, Jan. 29, as they out-dualed Wagner on parents� night, the final home match of the season. The visitors scored 113.35.

Vermillion participants, their scores and place in each event are listed below.

Name Bars Beam Floor Vault AA

Sarah Christopherson 8.0(1st) 7.55(1st) 7.95(2nd) 8.5(2nd)tie 32.00(1st)

Ariel Hofman 7.0 7.4 8.1(1st) 8.3(4th) 30.80(2nd)

Katie Connors 7.5(2nd) 6.9 7.65(4th) 8.55(1st) 30.60(3rd)

Meganne Hovden 7.1(5th) 8.5(2nd)tie

Sarah Gregg 7.0(5th)

Tristen Upward 5.0

TOTALS 29.6 28.85 28.7 33.85

In the JV section:

Name Bars Beam Floor Vault AA

Amanda Haukaas 4.1(4th) 6.45(2nd) 3.75 5.7 20.00(2nd)

Kaili Johnson 3.8 4.5 3.5 5.95(5th)tie 17.75(3rd)

Megan Epping 3.9 3.25 3.9 6.15(3rd)tie 17.20(4th)

Tristen Upward 5.0(2nd) 5.15(5th) 5.95(5th)tie

Theresa Ring 4.0(5th)

Amy Mart 5.26(4th) 6.30(1st)

Krystal Clark 5.25(3rd)

Ariel Begley 5.05(4th)

Stacey Joy 4.90(5th)

Jadee Hofer 6.20(2nd)

Annika Sjolie 6.15(3rd)tie

Bethany Sand 5.95(5th)tie

Seventeen young Vermillion gymnasts had a chance to compete in the JV division � 12 in floor exercise, and overall it was a great, successful parents� night.

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