Annual Haines Lecture scheduled for March 25

Annual Haines Lecture scheduled for March 25 The University of South Dakota Chemistry Department's 2002 Haines Lecture will be presented at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 25, in Churchill-Haines Laboratories, Room 118.

"New Tricks for Old Enzymes: Making Bonds in the Isoprenoid Pathway" will be presented by C. Dale Poulter, a faculty member in the chemistry department at the University of Utah. A reception will immediately follow the lecture in Churchill-Haines Room 116. The public is cordially invited to attend both the lecture and the reception.

Poulter's talk will concentrate on the isoprenoid biosynthetic pathway. This pathway produces over 35,000 naturally occurring compounds, with a tremendous diversity of structures.

A relatively limited number of enzymes are involved in joining isoprene units to assemble the carbon skeletons of these molecules. Poulter's research group has identified a common structural motif in many of these enzymes, some isolated from Great Basin sagebrush, that provides important insights into the chemistry of the

bond-forming reactions.

Poulter is a professor of chemistry and currently holds the John A. Widtsoe Distinguished Chair in Chemistry at the University of Utah. He received his B.S. degree in chemistry at Louisiana State University and a Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.

Before accepting a faculty appointment at the University of Utah, he was a National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Poulter's research interests lie at the interface between chemistry and biology, where he is widely recognized for his pioneering studies of the biosynthesis of natural products and the determination of transfer-RNA structure.

He has served on numerous editorial advisory boards including the Journal of the American Chemical Society and is presently serving as editor of the premier organic chemistry journal, the Journal of Organic Chemistry.

He has served on numerous professional committees including the ACS Committee on Professional Training and recently completed a term as chair of the ACS Organic Division. He has received numerous awards, which include the Ernest Guenther Award in the Chemistry of Natural Products and the Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award.

Poulter is USD's 31st Haines Lecturer and joins previous lecturers, including notable chemists such as Nate Lewis from Cal Tech, Ed Yeung from Iowa State University, Tom Meyer from the University of North Carolina, Harry Gray from Cal Tech, Marye Anne Fox (presently Chancelor at North Carolina State University) and Nobel Laureate Richard Smalley.

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