Check it out at the Vermillion public Library

Check it out at the Vermillion public Library Adult non-fiction collection

How can you be sure you are teaching your children the lessons of virtue that were passed on to you? Today's parents many times feel there is too little time in an already busy schedule to discuss these important lessons. Authors Barbara C. Unell and Jerry L. Wyckoff have teamed up to help in the most important tasks a parent can encounter. Check out 20 Teachable Virtues: Practical Ways to Pass on Lessons of Virtue and Character to Your Children.

If you owe money, there are numerous state and federal laws that can help protect you from being taken advantage of by creditors. Your Rights When You Owe Too Much, written by Gudrun Maria Nickel, is one of the series of Legal Survivor Guides. This source includes information to deal with debt from divorce, judgements, credit cards, foreclosures and more, and can help you work with credit bureaus, collection agencies, and the IRS.

Are the people you see, the interests you have, and the amount of time you spend on your own dictated by your partner? With humor, respect and understanding, Dr. Richard J. Stenack explains what motivates us in choosing a partner. Stop Controlling Me! gives the reader an easy to read look at this problem and a guide to dealing with a person you love who has too much power over you.

When depression hits, we all want to be better soon, but sometimes we find the energy it takes to lift that depression is hard to achieve. Author John D. Preston has gathered together simple exercises that can truly change pessimistic perspectives in a book, Lift Your Mood Now.

Another good guide for our readers is Taming Your Inner Brat, by Dr. Pauline Wallin. We all have that inner force that compels us to sneak just one more cookie, procrastinate on taxes, or throw a "hissy fit" when something doesn't go our way. Dr. Wallin shows the reader ways in which they needlessly upset themselves and explains how they can curb their "brattishness" and self defeating behavior.

For centuries, chests have gone to war, sailed the seas, journeyed across the continents, and held and protected our valued possessions. A huge collection of treasures awaits the reader in a book of fascinating photographs and historical information in Treasure Chests: The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes, by Lon Schleining.

Library Information

The Vermillion Public Library will be closed on Sunday, March 21 in observance of easter. We will open again at 10 a.m. Monday, April 1.

April is Amnesty Month at the Vermillion Public Library. Start that spring cleaning and locate any lost materials or overdue items belonging to the library, then return them during the month of April. There will be no fines charged against overdue materials during April.

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