Day to speak on Irish art April 7

Day to speak on Irish art April 7 University of South Dakota College of Fine Arts Dean John Day will discuss Irish art on Sunday, April 7 in Old Main's Farber Hall on the USD campus in Vermillion. Day is currently visiting Ireland and will return in early April.

The speech is part of a year-long symposium titled "Ireland and the Americas." The symposium has been coordinated by the College of Fine Arts and is being sponsored by various groups, organizations and individuals on the USD campus, according to Day.

"Basically, the concept is to engage the whole campus in a multi-faceted investigation of the kind of cultural partnerships that characterize the complexity of the Americas," Day said. "A lot of different cultures have combined to create a unique and very diverse American culture. It made sense to us to look at those partnerships, through the arts particularly, but also politically, economically, philosophically ? any place where we can find meaningful ground for academic and cultural exploration."

This is not the first symposium on other cultures at USD. In the past eight years, the university has done similar programs on Spain and the Americas, Islam and the Americas, American Jewish World, Africa and the Americas and Native Americans and the Americas.

"The goal is to highlight the diversity of American culture in some kind of significant way by taking an individual culture and looking at it in several ways," Day said. "A lot of times when we celebrate a culture we do it in a one shot deal, we do it fairly superficially � we bring a dance group and say, 'OK, we've seen that.' This symposium is a more in-depth examination."

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