Hospital News Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center

Hospital News Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Center Feb. 25

Admitted: Jean Groves, Vermillion; Richard Gretzin, Vermillion.

Dismissed: Annette Turner, Vermillion; Wilbur Tiahart, Meckling; Herbet Helstrom, Vermillion; Marion Henke, Elk Point.

Feb. 26

Admitted: Rain Blaine, Vermillion; Megan Oliver, Elk Point.

Feb. 27

Admitted: Naomi Roth, Vermillion.

Dismissed: Ella Severson, Vermillion; Richard Gretzin, Vermillion.

Feb. 28

Dismissed: Rain Blaine, Vermillion.

March 1

Admitted: Alice Schmidt, Vermillion; Clarence Knect, Elk Point; Mabel Jorgenson, Vermillion.

March 2

Admitted: Cora Scott, Vermillion.

Dismissed: Megan Oliver, Elk Point.

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