Letters Proud of Tim Johnson

To the editor:

I was proud to see that Tim Johnson was endorsed this past weekend by fire fighters across the state. In the wake of Sept. 11, fire fighters and other emergency officials have never been so important to the lives and safety of every family who depends on them.

The fire fighters endorsed Tim Johnson for all the right reasons. They endorsed him because he constantly does the right thing by them � he votes for and co-sponsors bills that protect fire fighters and help them to succeed in their jobs � and that's the right thing for all of us.

I'm proud of Tim Johnson for doing the right thing by the fire fighters � and I'll remember this endorsement on election day. Any candidate who has the vote of support of the fire fighters of South Dakota has my vote as well.


Berwyn Svoboda


Civic Council prices are fair

To the editor:

Yes, another letter from me. Sometimes I have nothing to say and than again I can not be quiet, but there are some things I feel very strongly about. My topic for this letter is something I do feel very strongly about. It helps to pay my bills. Is also helped 30 years ago when I was really sick and needed financial aid.

This topic is the Civic Council.

I get so discouraged when I hear someone say, "You have raised your prices again haven't you." In all actuality we have not raised prices for at least three years, even though wages and utilities keep going up.

I have heard such things as, "Well, you used to only charge $3 for a TV." For as long as I have worked here, which is going on nine years now, a colored TV in working order is from $10 and up. A black and white one can go for as little as $2.50 or more. I am sorry if you feel we are too high on prices, but we have to make money to give it away.

That is what we do. Yes, everything is donated to us, but there are 15 employees who depend on their wages. Sales tax, utilities, upkeep, advertising, insurance, and much more has to be paid, besides the donations that are given out. Remember, every time you donate to the Civic Council you are helping to do all of these things. Also remember that when you donate to the Civic Council, the proceeds that we make go back into Vermillion and the surrounding area.

They help local needs, not the needs of Sioux Falls or Sioux City. Also remember the Civic Council prices are high on some things, but on others they are low.

I have also heard, "I can get it cheaper at Goodwill." I am sorry that you feel that way, but we did a lot of research before we raised price three years ago. We found that most of our prices are cheaper than Goodwill. You also need to figure in the cost of gas for going to Goodwill.

Remember when you donate or buy here you are the ones doing the helping.

Thank you,

Roxan Brown


Weather radio will serve as reminder

To the editor:

I would like to thank Sen. Johnson for providing the much-needed appropriations funding for the Emergency Weather Radio Transmitters that will be used throughout South Dakota. These transmitters will broadcast to everyone in the state � and will serve as an important warning system for all South Dakotans.

Because of Tim Johnson securing this important funding, South Dakotans will be safer, and will be warned of dangerous weather earlier. If it wouldn't be for Sen. Johnson's position on the appropriations committee, important projects such as this one would not have been possible.

When John Thune tries to say that being on the Appropriations Committee isn't all that important, these radio transmitters will be just one of the many things that I will remember � and then I will vote to keep Sen. Johnson in the Senate, and on the Appropriations Committee.


Bernice H. Dillon


Johnson has proven record

To the editor:

The negative tones for the South Dakota Senate race by outside special interest groups is very upsetting. I believe the Senate race between Sen. Johnson and John Thune should be about who can best represent South Dakota in Washington. Sen. Johnson has a proven record for South Dakota values.

He has always worked for what is best for South Dakota's schools, communities, and families. He has brought improved health care for citizens of all ages and thousands of jobs to our state. Sen. Johnson has aided in making it easier for families to adopt children, has helped our farmers in the struggling agriculture economy, and made the veterans of this state one of the first priorities.

I want to see this campaign get back to accomplishments and successes by the candidates for the values of every South Dakotan.

Respectfully submitted,

J.G. Green


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