Letters Theft of backpack ruins election plans

To the editor:

My name is Nick Severson. I have lived in Vermillion all 19 years of my life. For several years, I have had a strong interest in following the actions of our city council. I do not always agree with the decisions that our city council makes and the length of some of the discussions that our council engages in over specific topics (ex. Chestnut Street Project, it's about time to compromise).

It may only be my opinion, but I believe that our council is not as efficient as it could be. My belief is that our city council needs to make changes in several areas to improve efficiency, productivity, as well as becoming more responsive to the citizens of Vermillion. On the other hand, I believe that the citizens of Vermillion should become more attentive to the actions of our representatives; they do distribute our tax money.

Another area of interest to me is that I believe that our city council appears (to me at least) to keep a low profile and sometimes act almost secretive. Our current city council has done great things for our community in the last couple years, but I believe the time has come that changes need to be made in our local government to better represent the citizens of Vermillion.

As some people know, I intended to run for the office of mayor of Vermillion in this April's municipal elections. I had lined up many projects that I planned to work on, if elected, but unfortunately I am unable to run for the office this year. The evening before I was to turn in my nominating petitions, while I was working, my backpack (containing the petitions among other things) was stolen from my unlocked car.

For as long as I have been a driver, I have always left my car unlocked, but after that night, I lost my sense of security. I never imagined that to happen in Vermillion. I have many ideas to improve Vermillion and I plan to one day implement them all.

Even though my plan to run for the position of mayor has been foiled this year, I do not intend to back away from Vermillion Government. I will continue to keep a close eye on our city council and I plan to run for office in the next election. I wish the best of luck to all candidates in this year's municipal elections and I hope whomever is elected serves us well.

Thank you for your time! Thanks to everyone who pledged their support for my intended campaign.


Nick Severson


Time to cope with grief once more

To the editor:

Last week our town lost another teenager. My heart goes out to his family.

It has not been that long ago that Vermillion High School felt this same loss, as they had to say good-bye to one of their fellow students.

Each family that feels a loss like this will never be the same because one of the puzzle pieces is missing.

If I could do one thing to help take the pain this family is going to feel away, I would, but I have learned that the healing has to come from within and with the help of the Lord.

My best advice is Psalms 23 � The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. Read Psalms 23 over and over again � there is comfort in it. When you have tired of reading this then go to Psalms 93 and read it. Both of these have helped me with losing my grandson. Hopefully by passing this on it can help others.

By no means has my hurt gone away, but at least I know I will live through it now. I know with the Lord's help I can go on.

I would also like to say there is no time limit on grieving. When someone says to you "it is getting better isn't it?" or "by now you should be past this," do what I do. Just look at them and think "You have never lost a child, have you? I will pray you never do."

Find someone who does not care if you are still crying eighth months, a year or two years later to talk to. Find someone who will listen to your tears. Remember, it is okay to feel sad and when it is time to heal you will by the "grace of God."

We have Dustin's funeral songs on CDs and sometimes the only way I can go on is to put the headphones on, turn the CD player as loud as it will go without busting my ear drums and drown every other thought out.

I also learned it is okay to say I don't want anymore hugs. It is okay not to want to hear I know how you feel, because they don't, even if they have lost a child. Each of our losses is different.

I found the best thing for me was just to have someone honestly want to hear my tears. Someone who would let me pour my heart out about this loss, and yes, let me pour the anger out.

I have wanted to write this for awhile, but I have not felt the time was right until now. I am still crying, but I am also okay.

Roxan Brown


Negative ads tiresome, untrue

To the editor:

For many years, Sen. Tim Johnson has worked to do what is right for South Dakota schools, communities and families. He has brought improved health care to our state and helped to create countless jobs. He has helped families to adopt children, helped farmers get by in a struggling agricultural economy, and has made the veterans of this state one of his top priorities.

Before Tim went to Washington, he worked hard for the folks in District 17 by being a hard-working representative in Pierre. Tim proved he hasn't forgotten his Clay County roots by being instrumental in procuring funding for Spirit Mound to be preserved as a unique and valuable asset for our area. Don't forget his role in securing that great Vermillion-Newcastle Bridge!

I hope that you agree with me that the negative ads appearing on television and newspapers throughout our state are not only tiresome but not true. Let's emphasize accomplishments and successes.


Maxine Johnson

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