Letters Donate blood at VHS April 3

To the editor:

Blood shortages, once a seasonal threat, have become year-round crises in many parts of the country, disrupting surgical schedules and forcing hospitals to make precarious treatment decisions. About 60 percent of Americans are eligible to give blood, but only 5 percent of that group actually donates.

It is important for people to understand that there are families facing tragedies everywhere, every day. Approximately 4.5 million Americans receive life-saving blood transfusions each year. You are a vital link in the supply of blood to patients in need. Thank you for your continued support.

You don't have to leap from tall buildings to be a hero. Just 45 minutes of your time this summer could make a huge difference in a hospital patient's life. Please join us at Vermillion High School Wednesday, April 3 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for a Vermillion Community Blood Drive. Donors can call the Siouxland Community Blood Bank at 1-800-798-4208 with any questions.

The Siouxland Community Blood Bank of Sioux City and the Sioux Falls Regional Blood Bank both service community hospitals in this area as well as the hospitals in Sioux City and Sioux Falls. A large amount of volunteered donations are needed every week in order to meet this need.

Thank you, on behalf of the Siouxland Community Blood Bank and the Sioux Falls Regional Blood Bank.

Jennifer Zimmerman

donor consultant

Siouxland Community Blood Bank

A street just waiting for an accident

To the editor:

Chestnut Street is of great interest to me because that is the street I used daily, traveling it twice each day, while delivering mail.

Chestnut Street is no longer on my mail route since I hit one of the electrical poles on the road.

Kevin Myron's observations were right to the point. It is a street just waiting for accidents to happen.

M. DeLetta Manning

Burbank<</I>P> Sick of negative ads

To the editor:

I am a South Dakotan that was getting sick and tired of the negative ads against Senator Johnson that flooded our state in the last couple of weeks. It seemed like they were on every time I turned on my TV.

Therefore, I am glad the ads finally got pulled. John Thune must have finally realized that ads like that don't work in South Dakota, and all they do is make people angry. It makes me even more upset that these ads are coming from outside groups in Washington � groups that don't know anything about this state or its people. However, I did figure out one thing from the negative ads; my vote is going to Senator Johnson.


Daniel Larson


Compromise or vote on Chestnut

To the editor:

After listening to the presentation and public discussion about the Chestnut Street design Feb 25 and then reading Frank Slagle's letter in last week's Plain Talk about the ill advised refusal to recognize the legitimate referrral petition, it is clear that the Vermillion City Council has the responsibility to either explore design alternatives and compromise on the $1.3 million, four-block project, or allow a referendum to be held.

Mark Wetmore


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