Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Thanks for supporting Wakonda school

To the editor:

On behalf of the Wakonda School I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard in support of our school. I would also like to thank the 73 percent who voted in favor of keeping the school open. It is truly gratifying to know that so many people support our school.

We will work hard to justify the confidence you showed in our school and community. Times are tough in small rural communities and only by working together can we hope to insure a bright future for the people of Wakonda. Thank you!

Ron Flynn


Wakonda Public Schools

Congrats to cast, crew of community theatre

To the editor:

I want to have this opportunity to congratulate the production team � Director Daniel Miller, Stage Manager Cathy Andela and Nad Rellim for costuming � and the actors � Rose Ann Kelly, Sarah Tyndal Loeber, William Myers, Michelle Peters, Jamie Wooley, Christopher Bryan Zeig and Cathy Andela � for presenting The Dining Room at Farber Hall recently.

This one of the most entertaining and professional theatrical presentations I have seen in the 21 years I have lived in Vermillion. The actors played up to 10 roles each and were convincing in each one.

If this play is a prelude to the reintroduction of the Vermillion Community Theater in this city, the talent presented should have captured the imagination of citizens living in Vermillion and surrounding areas. Unfortunately not as many folks availed themselves of this excellent opportunity. I have to admit that Saturday night was a little taste of winter.

Theater is an excellent way of developing community, family involvement, and making friends. All aspects of good theater necessitate hard work that building a show results in a production that is more than a sum of its parts and brings pleasure to all involved.

I hope that theater lovers in

this area support what the Vermillion Community Theater is attempting to reinitiate community theater in this town.

Evelyn Schlenker


Why must USD players miss performance of National Anthem?

To the editor:

In watching the Olympics, I couldn't help but notice the U.S.A. athletes reacting to the playing of the National Anthem. It was apparent that they were proud to be Americans.

I wonder what their reaction would have been if they had done (the playing of the National Anthem) as the (USD) men's basketball program has done at their games.

What would the reaction have been if the song had been sung 6-7 minutes before the start of the game? It seems to me that they (USD) are just doing it out of custom and not a sense of pride. I had previously written to the Volante in this matter but had not gotten a response.

At least a note as to why they do this when the teams are in the locker instead of on the court would be in order. Even at the Vermillion High School games, they play it while the teams are on the floor.

Again I say, "Why do you insist on playing it when the teams are not on the floor?"

Thank you

Lloyd Rowland


Olympic athletes were terrific

To the editor:

What about those Olympics � weren't they something else? The graciousness of most of the athletes was out of this world.

The Canadian and American athletes were so terrific in spite of some adversity. It really makes one proud to be a citizen of one of the North American countries.

Congratulations to the athletes who played fair and square.

Roxan Brown


Civic council donors care for community

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the people of the Vermillion community and surrounding area for the donations to the Civic Council for resale. It is because of you that we are able to have 15 employees on the payroll. It is because of you that we can donate to so many needs of the community and surrounding area.

I would also like to thank each of you that shop here for your support. You make it possible for us to be able to do what we do.

The Civic Council is a non-profit organization with the profits going back into the community and surrounding area in one way or another.

So I take off my hat to each of you who voulunteer your time, make donations of merchandise you no longer need or use to the Civic Council, and those that shop here.

You help make life a little easier for someone who is in need. It also helps show them someone cares.

Roxan Brown, manager

Civic Council


No help for parking problem

To the editor:

I babysit at 9:30 p.m. and have to leave home. A lot of the time there is some kid parked directly across the street from my drive way, or they are parked across my driveway, but leave me just enough room to back on the lawn and off the curb to get out so Vermillion's finest won't do anything.

It doesn't make any difference if these things happen night after night as long as it isn't the mayor's driveway or a councilman's driveway or the police officer's driveway.

Maybe if it was one of their driveways then there would be something done about it. If I would back out of my driveway and hit them I bet Vermillion's finest would ticket me.

Roxan Brown


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