Museum sleep-over a great success

Museum sleep-over a great success Friday, Feb. 22 the Friends of the W.H. Over Museum entertained 43 school children, grades three to six in a "sleep-over." The purpose of the event was to give the children a chance to build and shoot off rockets made from NASA-approved kits, to see the stars through a telescope and to have in general a great time together.

From the comments overheard as they were leaving, the event was a big success. All but two of the rockets went up amazingly high into the blue sky.

The children were surprised that a cardboard tube with glued on fins and a simple nose cone could be sent so high with "motor" the size of a AA flashlight battery and come down in good enough shape to be sent up again with a new motor.

When the rockets were finished, the children were invited to go outside and view the stars through a telescope set up by the USD Astronomy Club. They were able to see our planets, including Jupiter, and even the rings of Saturn.

Saturday morning, the rockets were shot off from the vacant playing field. This event was a first for the Over Museum. With some adjustments in the operations, we will plan another such event in the future. Many thanks go to Bob Noiva and his team of workers that made the sleep-over a great success.

During the next few weeks there will be a continuation of the Saturday classes with Learning Beadwork and Learning Quilting highlighting the programs. On Saturday, March 23, the annual Easter basket making/egg hunt is scheduled. Basket making will begin at 9:30 a.m. and the "egg" hunt will start at 11:30 a.m. on the grounds of the Over, weather permitting. All children are invited, parents are encouraged to participate as will. Please call the museum, 677-5228, for further information on any of the upcoming programs.

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