SAT testing in the Vermillion School District

SAT testing in the Vermillion School District This week, grades 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 11 will begin taking the Stanford Achievement Test Series (SAT). The SAT is required by the South Dakota State Board of Education of all students in grades 2, 4, 8, and 11. The Vermillion School District 13-1 also requires students in grades 6 and 9 to take the SAT The tests for all grades will be given March 25 and April 12.

The SAT is a norm-referenced standardized test. This means that your child's scores provide a comparison of his or her performance to that of thousands of other students who took the test under the same conditions. The results help teachers to plan lessons that build upon what your child already knows and encourage progress in areas your child has not yet mastered. It is important to understand that no one "passes" or "fails" this test.

The test includes many of the subjects that your child is taught in school. Your child will be tested in reading, language, mathematics, science, and social science. Depending on your child's grade level, he or she may also be tested in research skills and thinking skills.

Several answer choices are given for each question. The student is supposed to select and mark the best answer. Students in grade 2 will mark their answers in the test booklet. Students in grades 4 through 11 will mark their answers on a separate answer folder.

This type of test can give only certain kinds of information about how your child is doing in school. To get a more complete picture, you also need to know how your child does with daily class work, other tests the teacher gives, homework, and other activities.

Parents seeking more information should call their children's schools.

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