Tanager wrestlers compete at State

Tanager wrestlers compete at State by Jim Prosser Four Vermillion Tanager wrestlers participated in the State �A� Wrestling Tournament held in Watertown Feb. 21-23.

Following is a review of the local wrestlers� accomplishments at the competition.

Vermillion Team Standings: 24th place with 16.0 points.

Participating Wrestlers:

103 � Kyle Hubert

125 � Andy Hayner

215 � Brad Simons

HWT � Ray O�Connor, placing fourth in the tournament.

First Round Wrestling:

103 � Kyle Hubert LBF 1:08 to Tyler Soulek of Mitchell.

125 � Andy Hayner lost by 8-1 dec to Patrick Krause of Milbank.

215 � Brad Simons LBF 3:45 to Matt Kuyper of Mitchell.

HWT � Ray O�Connor won by 10-3 dec over Dustin Tulowetzke of Watertown.

Quarter-Finals and First Round Wrestlebacks:

103 � Kyle Hubert LBF 1:17 to Brian Coburn of Spearfish.

125 � Andy Hayner won by 11-3 major dec over Pete Ringing Shield of Todd County.

215 � Brad Simons LBF 3:45 to Matt Kuyper of Mitchell.

HWT � Ray O�Connor won by 2-1 dec over Dan Swenson of Pierre.

Second Round Wrestlebacks:

125 � Andy Hayner lost by 9 – 4 dec to Skylair Lappe of Douglas.

Semi-Finals and Third Round Wrestlebacks:

HWT � Ray O�Connor lost by 5-3 dec to Chet Delbridge of Sturgis.

Fourth Round Wrestlebacks:

Ray O�Connor WBF 3:18 over Dustin Tulowetzke of Watertown.

Placing Round 3rd, 5th, & 7th Matches:

Ray O�connor lost by 6-4 dec to Justin Frick of Yankton.

Coaches Comments:

103 � Kyle Hubert finished his season after the first two rounds at the state tournament, but valuable experience has been gained. I feel wrestling at the tournament for the first time, as an eighth- grader, might have been a little overwhelming for Kyle. He has accomplished great levels of achievement this year and I am very pleased with his performance. I am looking forward to four more years with Kyle in the varsity lineup.

125 � Andy Hayner also had some of the state tournament jitters during the first round, but he bounced back for the second. Andy has matured as a wrestler throughout the year. His confidence and technique will make him one of Vermillion�s leaders next year.

215 � Brad Simons had a tough first round versus the 2002 State Champion Zach Johnson. He continued to wrestle hard through the second round. Brad has also matured as a wrestler by eliminating mistakes on the mat and continually working to improve his offensive technique. Brad will return next year as one of the top 215 wrestlers in our region.

HWT � Ray O�Connor ended his wrestling career by placing fourth in the State A Wrestling Tournament. Ray ended his season with an astonishing 42 � 3 record on the year. Even though Ray�s high school career as a wrestler is over, he will continue next at Augustana College in Sioux Falls. He has reached a level in wrestling that very few individuals are able to obtain and continue at the collegiate level. I wish him the best next year!

I am extremely pleased with our performance throughout the 2001-2002 wrestling season. The men wrestled with half a varsity lineup and continued to hold the heads high until the bitter end. We have ended a season, but continue our pursuit to rebuild the wrestling program in Vermillion.

I feel the Vermillion Youth Wrestling Club is stronger than ever with over 40 members. These young wrestlers will be the future of Vermillion wrestling.

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